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Curitiba, 04 de Junho de 2020
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ícone New age children

William Maillis, an eleven-year-old American boy, achieved  an exceptional feat: he graduated as an associate in Art and Literature at the University of Saint Petersburg, Florida.

In his blog, the boy declared that he wants to become an astrophysicist and prove, through science, the existence of God.

Maillis is the youngest student to graduate from College and has a guaranteed place in the Doctorate at University of South Florida, where he will continue his studies in Physics and Astrophysics.

Everyone receives gifts from God. I was gifted with a skill  for science and history. -  Said the little genius in an interview. And he added:

I want to prove that God exists, through science, so that everyone will know.

*    *    *

In the last decades, the Earth has received Spirits who are reborn with great missions.

 They have the job to be the new leaders, to inspire those who are tired of the struggles or who need motivation to, finally, follow new directions in their evolutionary journey.

 They stand out for being prodigies, in this or that area. But, mainly, for the hugh purposes they carry in their hearts.

They do not have the degrading vices that have so delayed our steps. They are not materialistic. They work collaboratively and are not driven by individualistic competition.

They are prone to the good by nature, being, in many cases, examples for their own parents and family.

We have heard references about the return, through reincarnation, of philosophers, artists and sages of the past, who would come to assist in the process of renewing our Earth.

This renewal, which has been touted for a long time and which is in the process of being realized.

A different Earth. A fairer world. A little more peaceful place to live and progress.

Among them, great missionaries of science and technology, turning the current century into a true sanctuary of love, beauty, charity, spiritual enlightenment.

*    *    *

That is what awaits us in the coming days!

May we all actively participate in this revolution, each one in its own area, each in its sphere of activity.

If we are the parents, guardians, professors and family members of these ones who bring a brighter light, may we know how to prepare the soil for them, allowing them develop their gifts, let us open their paths, humbly, learning and growing with them.

Let us make special efforts, silence our pride, our vanity, in favor of a new, more comprehensive world, where good is the rule; where the good is spontaneous, where we no longer live at the mercy of games of interest from this or that part.

Let us be agents of love whenever we are.

A great transformation like this does not happen overnight, it does not happen through decree.

They are small movements that appear, here and there, in the houses, communities, societies, which provide gradual and definitive change.

Soon, the Earth will no longer be the same.

Good will take over its place. And let it be through each one of us.


Spiritist Moment Team, based on a report of the website Portal Raízes,
of August 29, 2018 and in ch. 16,from the book
Transição Planetária,
by Spirit Manoel Philomeno de Miranda, psychography by
Divaldo Pereira Franco, publisher FEP.
March 16.2020

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