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Curitiba, 06 de Agosto de 2020
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ícone The manaca

Manaca is a plant known from the Atlantic Forest and spread throughout Brazil.

It adapts well to poor soils, which is why it is recommended for the settlement of devastated areas.

It has considerable ornamental value and can be used in massifs or alone, in the composition of the gardens.

In general, the color of the flowers when opened is white, changing later to lilac and purple-violet.

A manaca in bloom provides a true natural show, which deserves admiration.

Possibly for that reason it is that the project of a small, short tree, caught our attention.

In its smallness, it was filled with flowers. It was not immediately known whether it was a flowering bush or a bouquet of colorful flowers that someone had planted on the ground.

It showed all its vigor in the morning sun and we stopped for a few minutes looking at it.

How could that tiny tree be so rich in flowers? It had barely placed the stalk a few inches above the ground…

And looking at it, between astonishment and admiration, it is as if we heard the manaca say to us: I am a manaca. I was planted to flower, to beautify this place.

So, see what I did. I flourished. It does not matter that I am tiny, I did my part, I accomplished my mission.

I am flowers, colors, beauty.

*  *  *

We should be like the manaca: fulfill our mission, not considering ourselves small, or useless.

It is important that we do what we came to this world for. That is, progress.

And in order to progress we have to study, reflect, read, meditate.

Learn and execute. Perform a part that concerns us at the Creation concert.

We came to the world to fulfill a plan. And no one is too tiny to attend what was establish or chosen, under the free-will, before being born.

We may not win the first place in the course we are enrolled in, but we may finish it with honor, making the best of it.

We may not be the number one of employees in performance, but we may perform the function that fits in seriousness, discipline, the best way to allow our skills.

We may not speak several languages, but we may use precious words from our own idiom, such as thank you, please, is it possible?

We may not have the highest IQ of the professional team, but we may develop an awareness of the right duty.

We may be the only ones to cross the street in the pedestrian crossing, to give up our place in the public transportation to anyone we recognize to have some difficulty in their mobility.

We may be the only ones to do all of our duties, pay all of our bills, honor our commitments.  

Finally, we may be like the manaca. A tiny being who believes it will never be noticed.

But, exactly imitating it, we may surprise those who approach us by our kindness, our willingness to serve, our willingness to help.

Let us allow, therefore, that anyone who comes close to us receive the perfume of our good will, the colors of our fraternity, the beauty of our solidarity.

Let us think about it. Let us be in the world, the tiny manaca, in the dryness of the stones, exploding in colors and perfumes, embellishing the paths, surprising the people.

Spiritist Moment Team.
February 6.2020.

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