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Curitiba, 06 de Agosto de 2020
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ícone Bring by hand

Small kindnesses mean great things.

In a large Brazilian city, a doctor who practices at an Emergency Care Unit, receives applause from everyone in the waiting room, every time he opens the door of his office.

What does he do to deserve such an effusive tribute? He just leaves his office to pick up every old lady from her seat, in the waiting area, and leads her by the hand, to the place of consultation.

He is an excellent doctor. I came yesterday morning with my eighty-eight-year-old mom and he came to pick her up from the chair and took her to the office. Attentive, careful and very human! – Said one of the interviewees.

It is thrilling! There are still professionals who care with love and respect for others. – Affirmed one of the patients, who insisted on recording some scenes on video.

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How are we carrying out our professional activities?

Bringing by the hand can be understood in a very broad way and can be applied in every activity we perform.

It means that something more, this special care for the other, regardless of how much we earn, the working conditions and even how we are feeling.

It seems to have been difficult to demand that much, but, believe me, it is possible. And we have many good examples on our side.

Anonymous people who do their job well, with care and dedication and do much more than they were hired to do.

Leaving the room and fetching someone is leaving your comfort zone. It is a posture opposite to that of sitting around waiting for those who will come for help.

That doctor understood that his treatment begins even before the office. It begins with the first touch, the conversation, the attention he gives. Attention that many of those people, sometimes, do not have. They lack everything.

Kindness is so scarce that every gesture that people receive makes them feel important, better, more loved. And if we treat the soul, we treat the body.

A simple smile, a look in the eye, which would be extremely natural, has become something to praise in the attitude of someone.

So, let us think about the last time we led someone by the hand, that we offered some extra attention, that we heard with empathic ears, without judgment, without impatience.

We are not just referring to the healthcare professionals or those who treat patients in any other area, we are remembering that we can all be kinder, more attentive.

We will not do this for the applauses – applause is a small, immediate and childish reward. We will do it for the joy of seeing someone feel good, of seeing a smile where there was none, of seeing a lighter, clearer face.

We will do it for the feeling of accomplishment, for the happiness that will invade us, for the certainty that this is how it should be.

Think about it. Let us think about bringing someone by the hand today still. Let us think about doing something more today. Let us notice the reactions. Let us see how we change the environment and so how we change the world.


Spiritist Moment Team, based on an
article published on the website
January 31.2020.


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