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ícone What keeps a couple

When Grandma Teresa was home, at the weekend, the cousins got together to keep her company and enjoy her wisdom and affection.

After lunch, seated around her, they joined the main topic which was Lais´s wedding, to be held in a few weeks.

When someone mentioned that marriage had to have good seasoning, while it lasted, the old lady disagreed.

Even more so when, afterwards, she heard that abundance, material comfort and physical attraction were the things that tempered the relationship.

She could not help herself: Darlings of mine, it is important to pay more attention to such a serious matter.

Marriage is a very important step and needs to be viewed responsibly.

And, as someone who wants to pass on something from her own experience, she started to detail things about her married life.

Because she got married very young, she did not know her husband very well.

Little by little, in fact, they discovered each other: the wills, the interests, the tastes.

The children started to arrive, multiplying work, tiredness and joy.

They learned to smile at each other with their eyes. Among the many tasks that the kids demanded, a small love declaration was never lacking.

Something that they could say with the look, with a touch, with affection, more than with words.

There were not many gifts, nor many celebrations.

They often sang together. They also wept great losses, embraced.

They never lacked the essentials, but sometimes the difficulty would knock on their door. It was necessary to redo calculations, give up small excesses, go ahead.

After all, clothes for the little ones were more important than some superfluous things one of the pairs dreamed of.

Children had grown, grandchildren coming, new emotions.

Together, alone at home, they thought about the end of their lives. The big question was who would be gone first. And what would be left of that left on Earth…

The concern of not hurting the partner´s heart worried them.

Forty-eight years of close, loving, companionship.

Finishing the story, Teresa said: I thank God that I was the one who remained crying for longing. I am not sure his heart could stand loneliness, my absence, the empty house.

I miss his generosity, his attention, his care for me.

Time has passed, youth was gone, physical attraction was transformed into affection, mutual respect, redoubled attention.

Therefore, my beloved girls, do not think of marriage as a sea of roses or a romantic boat ride, in calm waters, on a moonlit night.

It is exactly in moments of storm and crisis that the relationship becomes closer.

It is in these moments that the relationship solidifies because the strength that the partner represents is discovered.

Believe me: what keeps a couple together and happy is what is built, daily, through small resignations, cooperation, mutual respect.

In short, a solid love, with the seasoning of companionship, tenderness and admiration.

  Spiritist Moment Team.
January 20.2020.

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