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Curitiba, 29 de Setembro de 2020
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ícone Mute rebuke to the Creator

When spring comes, we marvel at the variety of colors and lavishness of life.

With extraordinary joy, we greet the season of flowers, perfumes, the blessings of the sun, the mildness of the days, the songs of the birds.

 We live the spring season intensely, even though we know that in a few months all this will disappear, that winter will come with its freezing, gray days.

Even knowing that the flowers will fade in the gardens, that the trees will be stripped of foliage, showing their bare arms.

It is for us to wonder why we are not extremely saddened by this permanent mutation in nature´s pictures.

For we are all fully aware that the seasons follow each other periodically, and that after winter, with its ice sheets, spring will return to chanting hosannas in the world.

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If this happens in nature, why cannot it happen among humans, children of a loving and good Father?

Why do we still insist that after physical death, nothing else exists?

Let us remember Jesus, teaching about the grass of the field, which God dresses in a magnificent way, the grass that makes the field green and soon, will be thrown into the fire, because it is dry?

He asks us, in short: Are you not much more important, children of Heavenly Father?

Science establishes that in this world not a single atomic particle disappears without a trace. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

Why would it be different with man´s soul, created in the image and likeness of God?

God is eternal, the soul is immortal. Resemblance. Why should man have to study so much, improve himself, fight, love, magnify on Earth if it were to end up in the grave? Or as a mere handful of ashes, thrown in the winds?

Was man only destined to an end, to be irretrievably terminated after fifty, seventy or one hundred years upon the Earth?

If everything lives, relives, transforms, resurfaces beyond, why should it be different with the Spirit?

This brings us to the way we view death. When a loved one leaves, we cry as if it was an irreparable loss.

Some get revolted. Some accuse God of stepfather, with all that we, in a prejudiced way, find bitter in the word.

Just is the sadness through the separation of someone who makes, before us, the great journey, towards the Beyond.

However, we should not mourn our dear dead too much. As the souls of light teach us, prolonged sadness is mute rebuke to the Creator.

Let us think about it. Let us remember the night that succumbs before the dawn of light. Let us remember the spring that bursts with flowers and colors after falling asleep during the winter season.

Let us remember the caterpillar that resurfaces as a winged butterfly.

We are immortal. Our dear dead are standing. They see us, they continue to have the same feelings for us. And they await us.

Let us pray for them, let us send them our loving vibrations, embrace them with our prayers.

Soon we will be together again, in the Beyond or upon this blessed Land of God.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on the article Quando parte
alguém querido, by Mário Frigéri, from the magazine
Reformador, Publisher FEB, March 2015.
December 13.2019.

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