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Curitiba, 02 de Abril de 2020
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ícone What if this Christmas was different?

Christmas comes and almost everything is repeated: the same routines; the same concerns with presents; the same lack of time; the same family reunions; the same conversations. All very much the same.

But, what if this Christmas was different?

What if on this Christmas, instead of the gifts being bought ready, we were willing to make them?

Yes, famous family secret friend could propose that each one offer something of their own, using a skill they have.

In this process, which would take longer than a simple store purchase, we would obviously have a chance to think about that person, putting in the small gift what we really wished for them this Christmas.

The gift would have so much more of us. Much more value.

If we lack skill, we might propose to learn something just to give ourselves in that specific treat. The results would be amazing, we can be completely sure.

What if this Christmas around the table meetings were simpler? How about giving  priority to the meeting and conversations rather than spending high values and a great deal of time preparing?

How much waste we see on the Christmas tables, how much exaggeration. How many deserts end up in the trash on the very next day.

What if on this Christmas, besides spending happy times with our loved ones, our family, we also set out to be someone´s temporary family?

It could be through a visit, a walk, a meal of our own making and donating to those who, will most likely spend the date alone.

What if on this Christmas the conversations were different too? How about we agree that topics such as politics, soccer and bad news could not be covered, at least at this celebration?

We could combine and prioritize happy, mild themes, family joys, the positive balance of the year, compliments and plans for the future.

And, importantly, that slander and gossip are totally forbidden.

What if this Christmas was different also with regard to Jesus? After all, it is not possible for us to celebrate the date, call it Christmas and not even remember the birthday boy.

This is not a question of religiosity, but of consistency. If it is a Christmas meeting, at least some quotation, some memory, some small tribute needs to be paid to the one whose birthday it is.

Some do prayers, which is a good start. But, how about remembering some of His excellent lessons?

One of His achievements would be enough. We will realize that the domestic air will change, that something within us will want to awaken.

Yes, for both Jesus and His countless workers of the world of the Spirits rejoice when they find these small opportunities to speak to our hearts.

At times like these, they remind us of the commitments we made before we were born, that reinforce valuable principles in us.

These times are often used to awaken us from the materialistic sleep in which we are found on Earth.

Let us propose ourselves to have a different Christmas. Let us propose to be different. Let us not be carried away by the mesmerizing routines, by the shambles of the world.

Christmas is an invitation to be born again, to do it again, and why not: different?

Spiritist Moment Team.
December 9, 2019.

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