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Curitiba, 06 de Agosto de 2020
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ícone The example of the Christian

The place was pleasant and every time He came to Jerusalem, it was in  Bethany that Jesus sought repose.

The farm of the siblings Lazarus, Martha and Mary was a very special nook. In there, the nights were lit by the words of Jesus.

People came from all over, especially after Jesus had made Lazarus come out of the tomb, where he had been buried because of the lethargic sleep that had struck him.

Everyone wanted to see the man who had returned from death, after being locked in the grave for three days.

About this passage, the Apostle John noted the following: Many of the Jews, because of Lazarus, went and believed in Jesus.

The memory of the Apostle is accurate and the situations is not different on the current days.

Many men are dead in the graves of indifference, selfishness, egoism and denial.

When one of them, just like Lazarus, is touched by the message of Jesus, he becomes the object of general curiosity.

People want to know the changes in their conduct. That is why they watch him.

If he was a cranky one, they expect him to be a little more calm now.

If married, they are waiting for a more careful attitude towards his partner. That he becomes affectionate, to be kinder, to use the precious words please, thank you, I am sorry.

If he is a father, it is the children who become anxious for his hug, for his affection. They expect him to become more present in their games, at the school meetings. In summary, to become a real father.

If he is involved in business dealings, everyone will expect honesty from him, deadlines, fair price, good merchandise.

It does not matter who he is or what he does. The eyes of the world will be turned to him because he has been touched by the Good News of Jesus.

If one of us is benefited from Jesus, if Jesus has raised us up from the earthly dust to the knowledge of infinite life, let us remember the friends around us.

Most of them have news of Jesus. They have heard of the Man of Nazareth, of His meekness, of His message.

They may have already read passages from the Gospel and have general notions about many of His deeds.

But they are not yet prepared to fully understand Him.

For them, we will be like Lazarus: the point of direct observation. They will begin to receive the clarity of sincere belief through us, recognizing the power of Jesus through the transformation that we are experiencing.

Let us think about it: if we have been touched by the message of the Rabbi of Galilee, it is up to us to continue in the confines of moral death or to rise to live our full lives and set an example to those around us.

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The Apostle Paul, in his epistles, referred to Christians as living letters of the Gospel.

And he was right, because the true Christian carries the Christ within and, in doing so, renews himself and lives naturally.

As an initial step towards living better days, the Christian is called to the mission of building good all around, consolidating peace, in dealing with others.

 Spiritist Moment Team, based on chapter 113, of the book
Caminho, Verdade e Vida, by the Spirit Emmanuel, psychographed
 by Francisco Cândido Xavier, publisher FEB and on the Christian entry,
from the book
Repositório de Sabedoria, verse 1, by the Spirit
Joanna de Ângelis, psychographed by Divaldo Pereira Franco,
publisher LEAL.
November 26,2019.

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