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Curitiba, 06 de Agosto de 2020
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ícone Always wishing to learn

It was a circus show. Many families, with their children, delighted with the lights, colors, stunts. No animals in sight.

At each number, the public replayed the expressions of surprise, with the performance of trapeze and balancing artists, contortionists. A succession of skills, showing creativity and a lot of individual and collective work.

 The clown, between one and another performance, surprised showing up among the audience, playing with one, another, distributing balloons and candies.

Then he came loudly into the stage, in a luxurious car, the magician, to the delight of the children. A few numbers followed, with more or less shine, until he asked a child from the audience to go there to assist him.

Boys and girls ran but, it was a four-year-old boy, relaxed, the first one to achieve the edge of the stage and was captured by the magician. After the natural entertainments, much talking, lights, sound, the artist told the boy about the power of the mind.

Everything we think, we can create. We can all be magical, so, I ask you to think about two things that you really, really want to own.

The boy closed his eyes. The music grew soft, the lights dimming. Then, at the command of the magician, he opened his eyes: two smiling ballerinas stood before him.

Was this your wish? – The conductor of the show asked. The boy nodded. And he kept answering yes to all the other questions that were asked, and then:

Did you like them? Did you find them pretty? Do they know how to dance well? Did you see the elephant that was with them?

Silence in the audience. The child, firmly, moved his head affirmatively.

Are you sure? – The magician asked again. Was it big, huge?

Yes, yes. – That was the answer.

The show went on, between laughing and jokes. But we remained wondering how many times we, adults, act like that child. He, certainly, figured that if he said he did not see what was not there, he could be ridiculed.

After all, an authority on magic was questioning him and he should probably know what he was talking about.

How many times do we say that we understand something, that we understand what has been said, what someone is talking about, when we, truly, have no idea. It all not to be foolish, or uninformed. In order not to make ugly, not to be considered an alienated.

And by doing so, we will continue in our condition of those who do not know. So much easier and more logical would be to admit that we do not know what is said. After all, no one, in this world of such fast and intense information, has a duty to know everything or to be informed about everything.

That moment would be the opportunity to learn, to illustrate.

It is important that we begin to be authentic, honest, correct in our speaking. Let us admit ignorance and be interested in learning.

We will only have to gain from it. Also let us show humility, because after all the great Socrates, philosopher who was born in 470 a.C., dared to state: All I know is that I know nothing.

This is because the deeper we go into science, philosophy, art, the more we realize that there is, still, a Universe to be found, to be studied.

Let us think about it and grow some more.

Spiritist Moment Team.
November 20.2019.

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