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ícone Conquest of the world (The)

In 1995, the animated American television show Pink and The Brain, was debuted in Brazil.

It was almost eighty episodes that made the joy of children and adults who were fond of children´s cartoons for three years.

The characters were two typical white lab rats, using exactly this space as the basis for their wild plans to dominate the world.

Each episode was characterized, at the beginning and end, by the question of Pink, the tall, skinny, completely childish rat: Brain, what do you want to do tonight?

And the Brain, the short rat, with a huge head, highlighting intelligence, answered: The same thing we do every night, Pink… Try to conquer the world.

Of course, their plans were thwarted each night, by third party interference or Pink´s own misconceptions.

*  *  *

The world has met many conquerors. A few who dominated large territories, for a long time. A few who, for the realization of their conquests, used cruelty and coldness, bleeding their hands.

So many who sacrificed affection, friendship, mental health in order to achieve their goals.

History shows us, however, that these achievements have always been of limited duration.

Empires have disappeared, crowned heads have been replaced, power  transferred from one to another by arbitrary intrigue or the struggles for justice and freedom.

There is, however, a world conquest that we should all undertake. A conquest that, when achieved, is definitive: the conquest of the… intimate world.

This one requires a great enterprise, in which self-knowledge, effort, perseverance, will, must be combined.

Self-knowledge requires a thorough examination of ourselves, that is, going over our actions, making sure that we do not fail to do our duty, if nobody has any complaints about us.

A daily examination of conscience at the time of recollection for our rest, is of paramount importance.

We wonder if on this day that is ending we have done something that has hurt anyone, physically or emotionally; if we have taken any action that deserve censorship; if we lack the truth for our own benefit; if we have wasted time; if we have done, finally, something against our neighbor.

The answers will tell us exactly what we have already improved on. And what we still need to push for our improvement, triggering our will.

The endeavor should be to identify and eliminate our bad tendencies, as the one who rips out the weed of the garden.

Trying to know what those who have no sympathy for us think about us will help us a lot, because considering that they have no interest in disguising the truth, they will tell us how we really are.

Self-examination, questioning our own consciousness about what we do and how we do it will give us the dimension of good or evil that still exists in us.

This will help us to know ourselves, which is the key to individual improvement, that is, the conquest of our inner world.

So, let us begin today, while the hours still smile at us, this important conquest.

Spiritist Moment Team.
November 14.2019.

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