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Curitiba, 10 de Agosto de 2020
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ícone The unequaled ingenuity of a Creator

As we enter into the knowledge of our surroundings, we are invited to reverence the Divinity, which has done everything, down to the smallest details.

In the animal kingdom, for instance, by observing how each specie reproduces, it has its cycle of development, in a perfect food chain.

Cheetah, among land animals, is the fastest runner. Its slim body, long legs, flexible spine, is perfectly designed for quick sprints.

In three seconds, from immobility, it can reach one hundred kilometers per hour.

The secret of this amazing speed is the flexion and extension of its spine, which greatly increases the length of its stride, that is, the distance between the point where its back paws leave the ground and the point where they touch it again.

The enormous acceleration of this feline is increased because its claws, which do not fully retract, acts as runner´s shoe locks, while the tail, which can reach eighty centimeters in length, aids in the stability of curves.

Throughout this process, it keeps its head steady due to the great flexibility of its shoulders. A narrow range of photosensitive cells concentrated in its retina allows it to distinguish the prey in the middle of the landscape.

Its favorite prey is the gazelle. If it is quiet, the cheetah acts furtively, hiding in the vegetation. Whatever the approach, much energy will be expended at the moment of the attack.

The feline runs in a straight line, predicting the direction of its prey in order to intercept it. Then, it attacks the back paws of its victim, throws itself over and suffocates it, within minutes, with a strong bite in the throat.

When it cannot catch up the prey, after about twenty seconds, the cheetah gives up the hunt. That is because the speed it develops demands a lot from its organism.

Although the race is short, the cheetah needs to rest and catch the breath.

In this race, the temperature of its body rises dangerously to forty degrees, a level that, held for more than one minute, can cause brain damage.

So, it sits down and takes a deep breath for about fifteen minutes. After the break, it will be ready to eat or, if it has not achieved anything, restart the hunt.

What is extraordinary is not to observe all the details of this aerodynamic body, the incredible speed that it achieves in seconds, but to observe that, to maintain the balance of nature, its victim has been equipped with important resources that determine its survival.

For example, it has a process of ventilation, thanks to its nostrils, that cools down the brain and, can therefore run longer that its stalker.

It also, by instinct, sometimes confuses it, during its scape, making vertical jumps of up to three meters, thus leaving the field of vision of the cheetah.

Mistake and hit, failure and success, determine, exactly, the predatory control, so as to maintain the balance in nature.

Is it not extraordinary to study zoology and find out the Divine ingenuity in every detail, millimetrically thought out, analyzed, provided?

Spiritist Moment Team.
November, 4.2019.

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