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ícone They made the difference

Life is a great asset. Those of us who are on Earth, right now, do not always realize how fortunate we are to live.

When problems arise, when tiredness sets in, an almost quitting life seems to whisper in our ears.

However, all of us who are born are fortunate people. Fortunate because someone accepted us and allowed us to come into the world.

We all have the right to be born but not everybody has this opportunity.

We cannot even imagine how many lives are prevented from being fulfilled, every day, around the world.

So when we applaud a soccer, music, dance, technology star, someone who made or makes a difference in the world, can we imagine what the world would be like if they were not born?

Can we imagine our lives without a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad?

Yeah. If Joanne Schieble, at the age of twenty-two, had given up on bringing pregnancy to term, technology would not be as we know today.

A college student, she became pregnant with her boyfriend, also a college student. Her father, however, would not allow her to get married, because he was of Syrian descent.

Joanne could have got an abortion, under the circumstances. However, she chose to have the child and give him up for adoption.

Had she wondered where her son would arrive? How would he win in life?

A son who not only was the creator of Apple and animation studio Pixar, but exemplified tenacity, perseverance, getting over his personal dramas.

Rejected on first adoption, because he was male, Steve Jobs was adopted by a couple of humble origin.

  He suffered with poverty. Once a week, he attended some religious service in exchange for a meal.

He collected empty bottles of Coke for the warehouses in order to buy food. He did not have a room at the University. For that, he slept on the floor in a friend´s bedrooms.

When he was adult, he faced a devastating cancer, in a dramatic victory that gave him even more applauded survival by his admirers.

In a speech to the graduates of Stanford in 2005, he said:

No one wants to die. Even people who want to reach paradise do not want to die to be there.

Nevertheless, death is the destiny of us all. No one has ever escaped. And it must be so, because death is, probably, the greatest invention of life.

It is the transforming agent of life. It eliminates the old and makes way for the new ones.

He left in 2011. A man who made a difference in the world.

A world that would also be different without the voice of Celine Dion, the Canadian singer.

When her mother got pregnant, she already had thirteen children and considered not having this fourteenth child.

However, a priest, worthy shepherd of souls, advised her to carry out the pregnancy.

Thanks to that, the world was ecstatic with the voice of the singer who, initially, interpreted songs only in her homeland language, French.

To reach international audience, she learned English, conquering the admiration of the world.

Jobs and Celine Dion are witnesses to life. They could sing, feel, love, triumph because someone allowed them to come to the light.

Who can imagine what this embryo will be, this fetus that only sketches in the maternal womb: A great statesman? A singer? A poet? A scientist?

Only God knows it...

Spiritist Moment Team, based on
biographical data of Steve Jobs and
Celine Dion.
October, 21.2019.


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