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Curitiba, 28 de Janeiro de 2020
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ícone An author, a Creator

When at night I contemplate the multiple suns in the heavenly vault, I wonder: Who has placed so many wonders in this sky?

And my lips part, babbling: It was God!

When I marvel at this sky of stars, I wonder: Where did I come from? Have I visited any of these worlds, which extend through the endless Universe?

And I feel like a foreigner welcomed on this Earth, thanking the honor of belonging to this Humanity.

I often wonder if I am here for the first time or if I have already inhabited other bodies, in so many other times.

Have I walked through the East, among those cultures that, although some define as exotic, seem to me so familiar?

And this same country where I find myself, how many times have I visited it? Sometimes its History seems so current to me, so well-known.

Anyway, my grateful soul rises in praise to the Cause of all this: God. And sighs and sighs gratitude.

When on full moon nights, I stop to admire that silver light, spreading  its rays through the cities, I want to scream out loud: Moon, oh moon, who has made you so beautiful? Who clothed you with light? Since when do you walk through space, contemplating the Earth?

And my mind only finds one answer: It was God!

When I contemplate the clouds that are covered in various shades, preparing to receive the dawn, I think: Who did all this?

Who established that time needed so many diverse moments, so rich in beauty: dawn, morning, afternoon, night?

Who created the seasons with their unparalleled charms?

Who established the movement of the planet, the sun, the stars?

Who has set such precise trajectories to so many orbs, suns and planets, that all of them travel to infinity, in perfect harmony, singing the glory of perfection?

And when dawn comes, adorned with splendid shades, I am amazed that every day it comes wrapped in new veils.

And I ask myself again: Who dressed the dawn like that? Who makes up its clothes, without ever reprising them, even though so many centuries have passed?

Who is This creative designer?

And my soul can only answer: It is God!

So, I look at myself, a thinking and acting being and I question: Who has created me?

Who endowed me with intelligence and sense? Who made me so inquiring?

Who endowed me with the ability to love, to feel, to thrill and to praise beauty, harmony?

Who allowed me the possibility of writing poems, stories and tales?

And I can only come to the same and wonderful conclusion: It was God! It was God!

God, the Cause of everything, the uncreated Creator, the ever-present. The one who knows everything and everything provides.

The one who is attentive to the worlds, to the Humanities, to all species that live everywhere.

The one whose omniscience is so detailed that Jesus presented Him as The One who knows of the amount of hair strands in our head.

The present Father, loving and good. Our Father and Creator.


Spiritist Moment Team, based on psychographic message
of Lauro Schleder, received in May 13 of 2019,
at Ildefonso Correia Spiritist Center.
October 11. 2019.

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