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Curitiba, 20 de Janeiro de 2020
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ícone The lessons of the Master

He has established the most beautiful lessons since the cradle. No one has ever been such a complete and exceptional Master.

The Solar King and planetary Governor always had something to teach.

At birth, He chose the intimacy of a stable, devoid of comfort and adornments.

Lesson that true royalty belongs to the Spirit.

As witnesses of His first moment, His father, His mother. Probably a midwife who had come to assist the pregnant woman in délivrance.

Warmth lesson. The birth is a very special moment when the being has to be welcomed with all affection and discretion.

But, He did not forget to share the joy of His birth with those who awaited His coming. The closest ones.

So, a heavenly messenger visited the shepherds in the field and announced the promising news, telling them where they could find the boy and how to identify Him.

He also remembered those far away and for that, a star shone differently, announcing that He had arrived at the blue planet.

The wizards, from many parts of the East, who studied the stars and consulted the skies, seeking a sign, followed and found Him, worshiped Him.

And because a birth deserves to be celebrated, a heavenly choir was heard in the acoustics of the simple souls, in the ears of those who had ears to hear.

A choir that announced the great gift with which the Shepherd presented His flock: Glory to God in the highest, peace on Earth, good will toward men.

A special celebration. Lesson of the joy that must come in every life that arrives to the planet.

Excellent Master, did not dispensed the family, continually teaching about its importance.

For nearly thirty years, He was at the home in Nazareth. And He submitted to the traditions, exercising the profession of His earthly father.

The heavenly hands, which had shaped the planetary forms, striving in details, now took from the rough wood to become equally lame for animals, benches, tables.

Lesson of humility and service.

When He left the paternal home to rule the roads of the world, He chose His friends as His own.

In Capernaum, it was in the house of fisherman Simon Peter. When in Galilee, it was His place of warmth, after the exhausting days dealings, with the people.

Home. Refuge. Oasis to recharge the energies. Resting place.

In Judaea, it was the farm of the siblings Mary, Martha and Lazarus.

Lesson of family blessings, their importance for remaking, the fueling of love.

The Shepherd came into the midst of His flock without neglecting any detail.

Unloved love, He showed the concern for His mother, as He left her on Earth. Among the agonies of the crucifixion, He remembered to give her to the apostle John.

New lesson. The one that the family extends beyond the borders of consanguinity. Body family. Spiritual family.

Everything, at every moment of His earthly life, was filled with teaching. Nor could it be any different with the One who asserted: You call me master and lord. And you say well, because that I am.

Jesus. Model and Guide. Master and Lord.

Spiritist Moment Team.
September 30.2019.

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