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Curitiba, 20 de Janeiro de 2020
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ícone Our humanity

In a technological world, of many virtual dialogues, it is to think that we are failing to relate to others.

As a trend, we become somewhat more indifferent, colder. However, daily we see examples of people who care about the well-being of their fellow man.

There are those who worry about the elderly, the homeless, hospitalized, the immigrants from other countries.

Finally, each one chooses their focus and finds some way to help.

Sometimes, you imagine that helping means contributing to monetary values. However, there are many people bringing joy, distributing happiness, in a true marathon of blessings.

In this regard, praise the human creativity that engenders the simplest, equally effective ways to bring joy to their brother.

An example of this is what the window washers have been doing for a number of years, in many places around the world.

To brighten the day of the children in children´s hospitals, in Memphis, USA, these workers dress like Marvel superheroes.

Other hospitals in that country joined the idea.

And the little ones, trapped in their beds or being able to move around their bedrooms, can relish the sight of Spider Man, Captain America, Batman.

In Brazil, the Sabará Children´s Hospital, in Sao Paulo, was the pioneer and carried out the action in October of 2013, while others followed its example, in the following years.

In fact, window cleaning was always scheduled and was carried out in September. It had its schedule altered to October, to coincide with Children´s Day.

For them, struggling with exams, needles, remedies, without being able to play freely, those are special moments.

Moments that make them forget about the surgical procedures, the chemotherapy, pains.

The visit of the heroes they are used to see on television, in cartoons, in movies, makes them smile.

And to place the hand against the window glass to touch the hand of their hero is something that will be the subject of excitement and comments for a while.

As we look at those brave window washers hanging from towering buildings, doing their job, we wonder how hard their task is.

They cannot be afraid of heights and need to perform an ideal cleaning. Whoever looks from the inside must feel the difference after the job done.

Now, let us imagine facing the sun, the heat, focusing on their work and accomplishing it smiling, dressed as superheroes.

Hero is the one who does that. Someone who may also be a parent and knows the value of making a child happy.

In the name of the solidarity, brotherhood, he is there, on Children´s Day, reaching out, waving, smiling, lingering a little longer on this or that windowpane.

It tells us how human we are still. Humans who care about someone else´s child, who wants to see a child´s smile, see their suffering diminished, even if it is for a few moments.

It speaks of our humanity. It also speaks of this magnificent essence which is called the image and resemblance of the Creator Father.

We are gods, in the extraordinary exercise of love.

Spiritist Moment Team.
September 23.2019.

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