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Curitiba, 25 de Maio de 2020
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ícone Today I am your father

My son. The morning is beautiful outside.

The brisk sun, which seemed to have forgotten to shine in the last few hours, never really left us.

We turned our face, turned the Earth, so that the night would rock our dreams and restore our vitality.

Both day and night are our masters.

As dawn invites us to start over, to the new chance, pitch is a request for recollection and reflection.

While the star king lights our way, preventing dangers, the new moon leads the test that makes us create lucidity of its own.

However, you may ask: but what about when clouds cover the sun? When do the wet and dark days of darkness arrive? How can I predict the threats on the way? How will I get the vigor of my rain-soaked soul back?

On these days then, son, I will be your guide. I will be a kind of lamp, of shy light, of courswe – because I am still learning how to be sun – but it will be enough to withstand the brief walk through darkness.

Brief. Every walk in darkness may be brief, if we make small efforts.

The cloudiness does not last longer than necessary and soon there will be a new dawn.

We have many certainties in life, contrary to what you may listen out there.

Certainty to be able to learn, certainty to be able to smile, certainty to be able to love and yet, the certainty that there is no end to any love.

Today I am your father. I have received this mission with great honor. I hope to be part of this fertile soil that surrounds and structures your being.

The growth is yours, the tree, the flowers, the fruits will be yours.

I did not come to harvest or indulge myself with tasty grove foods. I came to be fertilizer, to be base.

I understand that the more you grow toward the blue, the farther from my ground you will seem. But, we will always be connected somehow.

A bond of true love is like a root under the ground, hidden, discreet, however, vigorous, necessary and pulsating.

My son, the morning is beautiful outside, and it is always beautiful inside of me, because today I can be your father.

*    *    *

The duties of parents, regarding their children, are inscribed in the conscience.

Evidently, the psychological techniques and the methodology of education become noble factors for the success of this commitment.

However, love – which has ran short in modern education processes with unfortunate results – has the essentials for the happy purpose.

Let us not set aside the noble duties that allow us to love as we have never loved before.

We are still infant souls, learning about this solar feeling.

At each instant, every morning and every day with our children are treasures of the soul, that we will never stop having.

Let us always be by their side, in the experiences of sun and rain.

Fatherhood and motherhood are magnificent schools at our disposal. Let us embrace this opportunity with all our might.

Let us spare no effort in educating these treasures called children.


Spiritist Moment Team, with quotation from poem
Ao meu filho, by Andrey Cechelero and chapter 14, from
S.O.S. Família, by Espíritos Diversos, psychigraphy
of  Divaldo Pereira Franco, LEAL publisher.
September 6, 2019

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