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Curitiba, 06 de Agosto de 2020
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ícone Days lived

Conventionally, the calendar shows us the possibility of three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Even before the year begins, we usually mark the holidays, we choose the period of our professional vacation, the trips we wish to take, the courses we intend to take.

Anyway, we idealize what we want to achieve in this period.

Once the time lapse has elapsed, we generally perform an assessment, noting what we have achieved or not.

Sometimes we regret that we did not succeed in everything we wanted, or because we ended the year without a job, or that we physically lost someone we loved very much.

Or maybe because of the illness that has come to us, mistreating our body or soul or both.

It is not uncommon for us to regret something we have done, but especially something we have failed to do.

If those next to us left for the Beyond, we are usually surprised to regret not talking more, not spending more hours by their side, taking more walks, going out together more often, simply to walk, to look west, to pick up flowers.

Mentally, it is common that we send messages to these loves who are in the other side of life.

And, it is not uncommon for us to find that we should have said much more often: I love you! You are important to me!

In this balance, we can also realize that the days have flown, have simply been gone, like leaves blown by the wind, without our having truly lived them.

After all, we work so hard, we run so much, we do so many things. What, really, has been worth?

What was worth as a personal growth? How many books have we read, in these twelve months? How many times have we stopped to look at the sky, finding out the round face of the moon shining, among the stars?

How often do we walk around the squares and get interested in stopping for a while to observe the wind ruffle the hair of the trees?

How many times, before a delicate scent that came to us, we allowed ourselves to discover where it came from and closed our eyes to keep in mind that moment that would never be repeated, with the same intensity?

How many times, before a meal, we admire the colors scattered on the plate and decide to eat, very slowly, truly savoring each portion?

How many times do we sit next to our young child and watch him play, in his pretending game? Or did we watch with him for the second, third, tenth time the same cartoon, feeling real pleasure in hearing his laugh, his amazement with the animated characters?

And then, if we add up every time we do something that makes us grow, that makes us happy, that it is a real experience for us to keep in mind and heart, how many days, have we truly lived?

The total of this sum will tell us if our year was regular, good, great, excellent. Whether we really lived it or just went through the hours, multiplying the weeks…

If we find out that there have been very few days lived, let us begin today, to change the way we are.

Let us start living intensely every minute, every hour. Because living is an unequaled experience and no minute comes back, no scene is repeated in an equal way.

Let us think about it.

 Spiritist Moment Team.
August 16, 2019.

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