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Curitiba, 10 de Agosto de 2020
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The Principal of an Islamic school in Pakistan sent a letter to the students' parents when the exams were about to begin.

The image of the letter circled the world, after one of the parents shared it into a social network, praising the posture and words of the school.

Dear parents, the week of exams is about to begin. I know you are expecting your children to do well.

However, please: remember that, among the students who are seated there to take the test, there is an artist who does not need to understand math; there is an entrepreneur who does not care about History or literature; there is a musician whose chemistry grades do not matter; there is a sportsman whose fitness is more important than physics…

If your child gets the best grades, great! But if not, please do not take away their self-confidence and their dignity.

Tell them that is fine! It is just a test. They were born for much more important things in life.

Tell them that regardless of their grade, you love them and do not judge them. Do this, please.

And when you do: watch them conquer the world. An exam or a low grade will not take away their dreams or their talent.

        And, please, do not think that doctors or engineers are the only happy people in the world.

With affection, the board.

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We live in a world where we still value children's intellectual formation more than their moral construction.

To be someone in life you need to study! - How many times we have heard or said these words...

It is natural that parents who came from a generation who had no access to  study, to  school, want this more than anything for their children.

It is comprehensible this desire for the formation of the intellect, as it opens many doors in the world. The Spirit needs to develop in this area, needs to know, needs to work for its sustenance and still, be a useful piece in society.

However, the Spirit is not just its intellect. We are our values, our virtues, our beliefs.

Thus, someone's success in life cannot be measured only by their achievements in the area of knowledge or in the material sphere.

Succeeding, or rather, being successful in existence, mainly means, being a good man.

If the intellectual achievements were not the best; if the material, standard of living and patrimony achievements were not the desired ones or pointed out by the world as excellent, let us not worry too much.

The standards of the world are sometimes sickening, and much of it is in the realm of materialistic illusions.

The values ??of a soul are not in the pockets, but in how much good it can do around itself. They are in relationships that it builds; they are in the example of dignity that it propagates to its own ones.

This is true success after a lifetime. This is what will bring us peace after the end of each phase of our evolution.

To parents we say: Take it easy. The most important teaching institution is the home and its relationships. It is love shared and exemplified daily.

The grades of the moral proofs that will make us fit, or not, to follow in the school of successive lives.


Spiritism Moment Team, based on an  article published
by newspaper Independent, in October 4th of 2016.
June, 17.2019.

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