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Curitiba, 20 de Janeiro de 2020
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ícone Spreading the good

How much good will it be on Earth? When the headlines fill our eyes and ears with the stories of violence and evil that afflict so many people, we wonder if there will be anyone we can trust.

When we hear about simple people, who let themselves be deceived, in an attempt to solve their problems; when we are told about so many bad deeds occurring every day, we almost disbelieve that there are good people on arth.

And, yet, what is missing is the written, spoken, televised press turn its attention elsewhere and focus on the good things of this world. And there are many.

While evil reaches the media and social networks, transmitted, posted and replicated, a huge network of goodness silently extends across the world.

It is enough that a difficulty presents itself and many hands, minds and hearts turn in the attempt to help. And according to the evangelical exhortation of the left hand not knowing what the right hand offers, they do everything   anonymously, without fuss.

That teenager, only sixteen years old, learned it from her own experience. She had given herself up to prostitution because she understood it was the quickest way to get the resources her family needed.

So she could put food on the table, medicines, and clothes. No one would advised her otherwise. Or suggested another way.

Even when she found herself pregnant, she continued on the streets. Although her belly was gradually showing the advancing gestation, she did not see her clients diminish.

Until the day she was approached by a police officer. Strangely, he, invited her to come to his house. And there he offered her shelter, food and all the support she needed, for her and for her baby on the way

Immediately, he told her that he was opening the doors of his home, so that she could give up prostitution. That he wanted to support her and her baby.

He gave her the keys to his house, bought her clothes, helped her prepare the baby´s trousseau.

What did he want with that attitude? That she only changed her life. And Marilia let herself stay there. Suspicious, at first, that he would ask something in return. However, the days would show her otherwise.

The baby was born and she continued in the home of the man who had seen her on the streets and had compassion for her. The man who had seen her as a daughter who needed to be protected, cared for.

Later, she met a young man, they dated and consorted, forming her own home, taking the child with her.

When she told her story, she said that she owed everything to the man, the policeman who had seen her on the cold night, offering her body to anyone she wanted, her belly protruding, showing the pregnancy of months.

That man had been the good Samaritan in her life. He did not ask anything, had demanded nothing more than to leave the streets and return to his baby, to be born soon.

*   *   *

Yes, there is much good spread throughout the world. Anonymous people who support here, advise ahead, sustain beyond.

People who recognize the need when they see it.  And they can see the human being, beyond the external facade. The human being who wants attention, support, shelter.

Who needs a roof over his head, food at the table, a wave of hope for future days.

How many of us are these people who do good? How many of us want to adhere to this good, anonymous, efficient, propagating hope?

 Spiritist Moment Team,
on a fact.

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