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Curitiba, 20 de Janeiro de 2020
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ícone Busy hands

In a large shopping mall, a child decided to make a simple joke with the people passing by.

Seated in a stroller, she stretched out one of her arms trying to reach the hands of those who came in the other direction, proposing a quick greeting.

It would be enough if the stranger touched one of her palms.

And there she went, plunged into the crowd, on the lower floor of people, cheerful and excited.

She began to notice that some deviated, others were afraid, others were not even aware of her, for they were on a kind of upper floor of the world. And most of them were with their hands busy.

There are no hands left for me! – She must have thought.

The hands were in the many bags, purses, smartphones, but never free…

It took her nearly five minutes to get her first warmest greeting.

There, from the lower floor of the world, she realized, from an early age, how the people from the upper floor, were too busy…

*   *   *

And our hands, how are they?

Is there still a moment when they are free for someone else?

Is there still disposition for an extra task, uncommitted, voluntary, who knows?

Even in the house, in the daily chores, how have we used our hands?

Do we still remember the feeling of our children’s hair running down our fingers? Do we remember the delicacy and softness of the threads?

Do we still remember the temperature or the texture of the skin of our love, felt by the upper part of the fingers?

Do we still remember the firm or fragile handshake of those who are no longer around?

Blessed be the hands…

How many energies flow through them! How many beneficial fluids can be channeled through their dignifying action.

Jesus’ hands were always free and available to anyone who came to Him.

Acts of the laying on of hands are uncountable, when, through a powerful fluidic transmission, He healed, awakened, at last, altered the course of the existence of that soul which sought him with faith.

In some cases, He only lifted someone who was fallen, in a symbolic act that represented what was really occurring with the Spirit that had been in a deplorable situation until then.

He had eyes even for little children who, by the time, were not even counted in censuses, as well as women:

Let the children come to me and do not forbid them, for the kingdom of heavens is for those who resemble them.

Jesus always had his hands free. What about us? Could not we donate ourselves a little more? Could not we, somehow, meet those who are by our side?

Could it be that, if we passed by that girl with the flat little hand, waiting for a human touch, we would have seen her? Or will we walk looking way up, never to our surroundings?

Sometimes we are living this illusion of the world, on a kind of upper floor, failing to notice what occurs on the other floors of life.

There are many hands passing by us, asking for help, affection, attention, but ours are always busy, always holding things that, maybe, are not that important…

Let us think about it. And let us observe ourselves a little more. Who knows, we may even change our attitudes…

Spiritist Moment Team.
May, 30.2019.

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