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Curitiba, 04 de Junho de 2020
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ícone An Artist of delusional imagination

Have you ever observed a snail, walking its house on its back? The shell, in fact, holds the organs and is an extra protection against dehydration and predators.

In adverse conditions, the snail collects the foot and head into it. Seal the opening with a thick mucus, which can stick to surfaces. That is why, we find them attached to logs, leaves or walls.

The snail is one of the most common mollusks. However, there are many species that are estimated to have lived in the sea for about five hundred and fifty million years.

What enchants, in truth, in these soft-body creatures, is exactly its protection, the calcareous shell.

There are collectors who pay fortunes for some of these preciosities. The shapes, the colors, the brilliance are unequaled.

The surface of the so-called cypress shells, for example, led Portuguese navigators, who found them abundantly on the African coast, thinking that it was from these that the Chinese made the porcelain. Thence, its popular name for porcelains.

A variation of this species was defined by a scholar as a work of art only conceived by an artist of delusional imagination. It brings, on the back, a pattern that resembles a delicate mosaic of an ancient civilization, to which mysterious dark spots overlap.

It also presents a mosaic of smaller and more sparse tiles. Finally, the base shows dark spots on an almost white background, like that seen in the belly area of many felines, such as the leopard and the jaguar.

Native to the Indian Ocean, there is also in Australia and its size ranges from two to eight centimeters.

There are also cone-shaped shells, which include hundreds of species distributed throughout the world. Colored on the outside, the interior is streaked with mother-of-pearl.

Endless wonders of nature!        

Capricious shells with high-relief images, representing a face that seems to be of a woman, or that resembles an image of Christ, reach, in the market, the value of up to three million euros.

Man can take these beauties and polish them, enhancing their appearance even more.

However, the more than fifty thousand existing species present subtleties, unique details that excite collectors and make them desire them.

Many men are dedicated to finding, collecting, classifying and studying them. Some, for the pure pleasure of deciphering and admiring the mysteries of nature. Others, for the value they can acquire in the market.

And there are those who, admiring such beauties only remember the Artist of delusional imagination. And raise praises to the Lord of Life. The One who idealized all this, inexhaustible in His Creation.

These ones think that while the man sleeps, God sculpts arabesques in the shells and invents new colors to adorn them.

In prayer they exclaim: Lord God, Father of the heavens and of the whole Earth. Help us understand Your greatness. Allows us to thank you the wealth You offer us, the opportunity to study and the pleasure of discovery.

After all, on this day that only emerges, what greater wonders do You still reserve? What have You done, Lord of the Seas, while we were sleeping?

Spiritist Moment Team
May 16.2019

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