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Curitiba, 14 de Outubro de 2019
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ícone Our loneliness

How can we still feel alone in a world that is so connected, where we have so much access to information, where we can communicate so easily with each other?

The answer is simple, at the same time indigestible: loneliness has to do with something deeper than the presence of people by our side, than the movement of the people, than being connected or not or accompanied.

The proof of this is that some people may spend a lot of time alone and not feel alone. Others, in their turn, may have a spouse, children, count on hundreds of friends on the social media, but suffer from immense loneliness.

Nietzsche was able to say with all his letters: My loneliness has nothing to do with the presence or absence of people.

Pathological loneliness, which sets in as the soul’s giant, has to do with the distance between the being and its essence.  It has to do with the emptiness that still reigns absolute inside of us.

There is an immense space to be filled within us, a space that we are only now discovering. A universe where silence still reigns – an uncomfortable silence, which we try to fill with the noises of the world.

That is why we talk so much and hear so little. That is why we seek so much entertainment and so little culture. That is why we enjoy noisy places and music. It all drives us away from silence.

Silence scares us. Silence forces us to hear the echoes of the soul, forces us to look inside, to find ourselves.

But that is precisely the way to deal with loneliness. We have to seek our essence through two great movements: loving ourselves and loving our neighbor.

The lesson is not new. We have already been guided, long ago, by this necessary movement toward the Creator: us and our neighbor in the direction of God.

By knowing ourselves, by accepting ourselves, we can take the first steps heading self-love.

Self-forgiveness, discipline, persistence are other important components of this process, which is long, but needs to be started urgently.

At the same time, love of neighbor will show us how to fill us inwardly in another way. The lamp that illuminates someone’s path, first of all, lightens up itself.

The one who loves itself feels full, the one who loves is complete, the one who loves never feels alone.

Instead of wanting the company of someone, let us become companions of the other. Instead of wanting others to satisfy our needs, let us meet the needs of others.

Whoever is in solidarity, will never be alone, tells us, with property, the Spirit Joanna de Angelis.

These two primary loves, to us and to our neighbors, place the being, naturally, in the direction of the love of our Creator.

So, finally, the creature who has always been embraced by the Creator, but has never noticed, now embraces Him consciously and says: I do not feel alone anymore.

*    *   *

We are not alone, although our heart still feels that way.

The world may not treat us the way we would wish. We create expectations that are often frustrated.

Those who desire our good are always by our side. Let us talk more with them. Let us stop a little, make a prayer, anywhere, whenever we feel like it, and we will not feel that way anymore.

Let us perceive life pulsating around us.

We are not alone.

Spiritist Moment Team.
May 2,2019.

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