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Curitiba, 04 de Junho de 2020
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ícone Sunshine

Nobody is totally alone on this planet. Even the ones who have not constituted family, those who have not got married, neither have had children.

We are not alone. There is always a dear soul that God places on our way to love us, to tell us that He has not forgotten us.

That He knows of our struggles, of the plan of progress we have established in Spirituality, before we were born.

And that, in order to full realize it, we need a hand that caresses us, a shoulder that offers us support in the days of discouragement, arms that embrace us, a voice that says: Go ahead! I am with you!

Sometimes, it is a friend this love that gives itself and sustains us. It is enough to notice the fatigue, and he comer to breathe new life into us.

And even if we do not utter words, he seems to discover what we need, even providing material resources that we lack so that we do not succumb before the weight of the struggless.

It is this friend who is present on the day of our birthday and sends us a message, a card, a flower. Something from the depths of his soul.

And, with that, he brings joy to the date.

On other times, he is a coworker, someone from our professional background. He is who encourages us to go forward, not to surrender to dismay.

He helps us in more difficult tasks, guides us through paths we have not yet traveled and his experience has already treaded.

Anyway, he always appears, on a cloudy morning, with his radiating presence and his invigorating syimulus.

So is she. A young woman who did not even reach the age of twenty. When she arrives, it is like a ray of sun coming into the house.

She smiles and seems to light up the environment. She embraces and the strength of her arms has the gift of giving us safety.

Possibly, she does not even know how much her presence means.

She has such respect for the feelings of others that, admiring rock music and other noisy songs of the current days, when she takes us in her car, she turns off the sound.

I know you do not like this kind of music! – She confesses. And also, I know, that you like to chat, to talk about the things of your day to day.

And, as a good listener, she listens and argues, asks questions. Then, in her turn, tells her adventures: the difficult test in college, the mismatches with one of the teachers, actions that she believes are unfair.

Attentive, she calls to receive news, before the sum of the days results in a week.

Partner of movie sessions, ballet presentations, she schedules everything, impeccably, so that we do not miss the premiere.

Willing to accompany us to the supermarket, to the bank, wherever we want to go.

And, with almost pride, she says: I am your driver. I will not leave you without a ride. Count on me.

Sunshine. She is not the daughter of our flesh. But, someone whom God has sent to enlighten our days, making our journey more smooth.

We all have these angels, dressed as friends, colleagues, relatives.

They arrive slowly as though they do not want anything. But they mark their presence with an aura of peace and tranquility.

They sore loneliness, enrich our days.

Guardian angels lined with human bodies.

Human guardians who become the sustaining of our days.


Spiritist Moment Team.
April 19,2019.

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