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Curitiba, 23 de Fevereiro de 2020
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ícone The new generations

In times when violence against the woman abounds, it is to question ourselves what is going to be of the new generations?

These boys, who grow up watching and listening to the news of murders, of violence of all kinds against the woman, what will they do, in the future? What do they think about it?

Someone had the idea of questioning them and, in the city of Naples, in Italy, a poll was conducted with boys between the ages of seven to eleven.

The experiment consisted in addressing, on the street, one by one, individually and record the answers, actions and reactions to the questions and formulated commands.

The interviewer, in order to make the kids feel comfortable, asks the name, the age. Then, what they want to be when they grow up, which ranged from architect, soccer player, fireman, police officer to pizza man.

The reason of the professional choice deserved quick answers, as one who knows what he wants from life: I want to build the house of my dreams; I wish to save lives. Even the simplest: Because I like pizza.

Then, a third character comes on to scene. A nice girl, with long blond hair. She says absolutely nothing. She stands in front of the interviewed boy, who receives the information: This is Marina.

The boys look, they smile.

What do you like about her? – The interviewer asks.

One answered that it was the eyes; another, that it was the eyes and the hair, definitely, the hair; another yet spoke of her shoes and hands. A more audacious one said he thought she was totally beautiful, and that he would like her to be his girlfriend.

At the command that followed, everyone obeyed, although they did not feel very comfortable with it: Make a funny face at her.

And the one: Caress her, got from the interviewed a touch of hands, very quickly, by the hair, on the shoulder or on the face, showing a certain shyness.

Bewildered by the research laughing at this, at that, suddenly, a pause is made and, soon after, the interviewer gives the command: Hit her! Hard!

The boys stare at the camera, astonished. There are those who, incredulous, ask: What?

The command is repeated: Hit her, come on!

Eyes down, intriguing or surprised looks, neither of them takes their hands off the pockets or leads them to the girl. They turn to look at the interviewer and the answer is: No!

Why do not you hit her? – Insists who is behind the camera.

And these boys gave the most diverse answers, which tell us that the world is, yes, walking towards better days:

She is a girl!

Because I am against violence!

Because I will hurt her!

Because this is evil!

Because you do not hit woman not even with a flower, not even with a bouquet of flowers!

But, the video that circulates through the internet and that, in only one day, have had more than one million hits, ends with the response of an eleven-year-old boy. Definitely, the most spectacular: Because I am a man!

*    *    *

Man, human being. From whom one expects nobility, dignity, for the construction of a better world.

Man who respects the other human being because he also wishes to be respected.

What a wonderful world these new generations are building. Happy are the ones who will walk through the Earth in the New Age world.

 Spiritist Moment Team,
based on the video
Bata nela, from
April 15, 2019.

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