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Curitiba, 23 de Fevereiro de 2020
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ícone When autumn arrives

When autumn arrives, the leaves of the trees change their shades of green to an unequaled variety of colors.

If spring is a burst of flowers and perfumes, the autumnal season is the one of the most exuberant colors.

The impression we have is that some trees will vie with each other to see which one will dress the most exotic color. We look at their leaves and it is difficult for us to tell them the true color, for they are shown in shades ranging from orange, yellow and red.

Some have a mixture of copper and gray, leading us to an almost ecstasy as we contemplate them.

And they will be like that, changing their tones, surprising us every day, during the months when they are preparing to wear winter.

Others simply, gradually, fall to the ground, one by one, as if in constant fainting, stripping the branches and forming arabesques and carpets along the sidewalks, squares and streets.

In our lives, the seasons also present themselves. And in the autumn of age some of us choose to give up living.

We look at the face that presents the lines modeled by time and say that we are at the end of life.

The youth has passed. Enthusiasm has passed. The joy of living has passed. Dreams were forever stored.

At times, somewhat dramatic, we even add: Now, we just wait for death.

And if we are encouraged to take advantage of the hours we have, with readings, studying, something that illustrates us a little more, we invoke the hesitations of memory, the difficulties of keeping information.

A real decline. However, we should learn from nature.

Spring is the season of flowers, the mild days, the profusion of fruits spreading through the orchards.

In the summer, the warm colors present themselves with all the force. The bushes with their perennial dress of a more intense green.

On the flowerbed, the flowers take turns in colors and perfumes.

And, when winter comes, it lets itself be undressed by the icy winds, the insistent rains, the frost that extends white and cold.

It seems to fall asleep. It is a kind of reclusion to, soon after, glorious awakening with the kisses of the spring that allows itself to reprise in beauty and colors.

And the autumn quarter is exactly the one of the slow days, of the sun that appears warm and lazy, of the falling leaves.

We could live like that. Considering childhood the spring. Time to enjoy all the happy moments, days of unconcern and the abundance of hours.

Then, in the maturity of summer, show off our productions, marking our passage through the world.

And in the Autumn, serve ourselves with the opportunity to demonstrate all our nuances, conquered throughout the early seasons.

Demonstrate our ability as a professional, who has gone through the years, making the most of the qualification; as a human being who experienced troubled days, experienced joy and sadness, witnessed progress arrives and needed to adjust.

Show off our quality as a lover of beautiful things, who bends in the hours to contemplate the days of light.

Let us think about it and live better this autumnal quarter that arrives for us, sometimes, with some limitations, but, certainly, full of opportunities to enjoy each hour, in totality.

Let us wisely use the time we have, living together with the family more closely, sharing the achievements.

Spiritist Moment Team.
April 10.2019.

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