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Curitiba, 23 de Fevereiro de 2020
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ícone For the whole life

The scene is almost tragic: at home, in bed, a seventy-six-year-old woman, in the middle of a tight room, surrounded by relatives.

They are visiting her, bringing presents, wishing to offer their gesture of solidarity.

Mixed up with hospital machines, with a respirator attached to her face, she seems to say goodbye to everyone.

In the midst of this panorama, a special visit profoundly changes the environment climate.

Another old lady, older still, climbs with a lot of difficulty the few steps of the entrance of the humble residence.

She needs help to walk. Something that resembles a slow-motion shoot, because the few steps take forever.

 Her goal is to arrive at the bed of the ill woman.

People go silent. The moment calls for attention and respect.

So they hear the excited voice of the ill resident: Mom! Mom!

She cannot hold the emotion when she sees her mother, who is ninety-eight, walking toward her. They had not seen each other for about a year, because both of them could not leave their homes.

The next seconds are those that only the heart can describe. When she finally arrives at the daughter´s bed – a kind of victory – they hug each other and cry.

Maybe no one notices it, but at that instant they both rejuvenate. They are again mother and baby, mother and daughter girl who needs a lap, affection.

*    *    *

There are many examples of such mothers for the whole life.

Mothers who let their children take the boats and go out on the sea, alone, or with their new crews, but remain on land, like luminous lighthouses guiding the beloved travelers throughout their whole existence.

Mothers who receive their children back home, when their ships are tore apart by the raging torments of the days.

Mothers who offer shelter to the heart so that this one has time to rebuild itself and return stronger to the ocean of life.

Mothers of disabled children who cannot let go of the boats at all, and who come to sail by their side for all their existence.

Mothers who never give up, who never stop believing and who therefore resemble so much the Creator.

Mothers who have seen their children apparently disappear into the known horizon, like a farewell, but remain mothers of love, knowing that the day of the reunion will come – only in a different sea.

*    *    *

Motherhood is the opportunity to know love in a fabulous degree. It is the chance to take it for granted without demanding exchange.

It is the proof of complete renunciation. It is the supreme lesson to be less me and more us.

If you are a mother, these lines are for you.

If you could not meet motherhood, do not miss the chance to enjoy it around you, as a good listener appreciates the singing of a rufous-bellied thrush, or as a good observer is delighted in the rays of the sun through the trees on a regular afternoon.

A mother´s love is the work of nature. And all nature is there to help us and so that we learn from it always.

Mother nature  is also mother for the whole life.

  Spiritist Moment Team.
April 1º.2019.

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