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Curitiba, 16 de Julho de 2019
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ícone The marble of feeling and the chisel of goodwill

It is said that, in the early days of the thirtieth year, after some time of deep meditation in the desert of Judea, Jesus was seen in Jerusalem, near the temple.

Sitting, as a pilgrim, the Rabbi was noticed by a group of priests, who were attracted by His traits of beautiful originality and by His lucid and deep gaze.

A few of them soon turned away, but Hanan, who would later be the inclement judge of His cause, approached the stranger and said with pride:

Galileo, what are you doing in town?

I pass through Jerusalem, seeking the foundation of the kingdom of God! Exclaimed the Christ, with modest nobility.

Kingdom of God? – Replied the priest with keen irony. And what do you think that is?

This kingdom is the divine work in the heart of men! – Jesus clarified, with great serenity.

Divine work in your hands? – Hanan hit back, with a snort of contempt. And he went on with several ironic remarks.

You propose yourself to accomplish a divine work. By any chance, have you ever seen any perfect statue modeled on fragments of mud?

Priest – replied Jesus, with serene energy – no marble is purer and more beautiful than the one of feeling, and no chisel is superior than the one of sincere goodwill.

The priest still struggled between one and another vain comment, however, he ended up leaving, irritably, raving.

The moment passed, the priest passed… The lesson, however, remained immortalized. Jesus made clear, since the earliest preaching, what the kingdom he wished to build was.

He was the experienced sculptor who subjected Himself to be born among us, the apprentices of the hands, willing to show us the way to beautify our own souls, our greatest works.

He was the professor and, at the same time, the beautiful statue, carved, turned perfect through the ages, through the law of progress.

The feeling of man was still a hard block, tough, waiting for the best chisel to begin revealing the beautiful image that it carried within its interior.

This instrument would be the goodwill that the Master would use to sculpt and show us how to use this powerful tool for our own enhancement.

Within the goodwill is the work, dedication, persistence and time. Beautifying the soul is a craft not for one lifetime only.

*    *    *

The marble of feeling and the chisel of goodwill – let us remember this.

Millennial sculptors that we are, apprentices of the great artificer that was Jesus, we are here to develop the good feelings.

The lower feelings, those that still make us suffer so much, these fall naturally to the ground, as the remains of the marble that the chisel removes.

Goodwill towards us, patience, persistence and seriousness in the task are fundamental.

Goodwill towards our neighbor, benevolence, indulgence and forgiveness, complete our precious tooling to build such important work.

We are our greatest work. Let us think about it.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on chapter 3,
from the book
Boa Nova, by Spirit Humberto de Campos,
psychography of
Francisco Candido Xavier, publisher FEB.
March 20.2019.

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