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ícone The disciples of the empty tomb

Napoleon Bonaparte died on the Island of St. Helen, in May 1821. It was his wish to be buried on the banks of the Seine River, in Paris.

Thus, his remains were transferred in 1840 and are found in the Dome of The invalids, in the French capital, being one of the most visited monuments.

The tomb is absurdly large. The coffin is made of porphyry imported from Russia. On the walls of the crypt there are carved his works, the conquests, the constructions ordered by him, as the Arch of Triumph.

For its turn, the tomb of the prophet Mohammed is found in the Prophet´s Mosque, in the city of Medina, in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Islamic tradition, the tomb itself is not embellished or ornamented. But it is marked by a green wooden dome, built by the Ottoman Turks and insulated by a mesh of gold and black curtains.

It is a historical place, visited by Muslim pilgrims.

In India, the Taj Mahal, considered the greatest temple to love of all times, attracts tourists from the whole world. In there it is found the body of Mumtaz Mahal, who married, at the age of nineteen, the prince, who became the Emperor.

She was a woman of legendary beauty and virtue. The kindness of her heart made her interfere in favor of the less fortunate.

Her marriage was marked by the profound love they nurtured for each other, never diminished by the passage of time or after the birth of their fourteen children. She was the constant companion of the beloved husband, accompanying him on all journeys through the great empire.

In Paris, the Père Lachaise Cemetery congregates tombs of famous people, some standing out for the architecture, grandeur, originality, attracting tourists from many parts of the world.

Famous people. Great tombs. Pilgrimages. Sightseeing tours.

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We remember of a carpenter, whose first visitors were the shepherds who kept their flocks in the field. He lived among men a bit more than three decades.

Uppon his death, they borrowed him a tomb that had never been used, and His body was deposited in there, at hurry, considering the proximity of the Jewish Sabbath.

Armed guards were placed in the entrance, which was sealed with official seals.

In the morning of the third day, the rock that locked the entrance was removed, by strange force, a great light was made and nothing, besides the sheet, in which the body was wrapped, was found in the place.

He was seen, full of light and life, by travelers on the way to Emmaus, by the apostles gathered in the upper room, by a woman in the garden of the sepulcher.

After forty days of living with the ones He had chosen for His apostolic collegiate, friends and disciples, He disappeared from His sight, looking like He had undone himself in light.

No one has ever found the physical body, the end of which is ignored.

Lord of Immortality, He has only left an empty tomb. Not bones, not ashes.

He who had taught that the Father must be worshiped in Spirit and Truth, has left us an empty tomb. Nothing physical to be venerated.

It all to say, once again, that the true life is the one of the Spirit, Immortal and perennial.

Spiritist Moment Team.
March 22,2019.

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