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Curitiba, 16 de Julho de 2019
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ícone Love that reprises itself

The commercial circulates between one and another interval of television programming.

It draws attention by the delicacy, depth and beauty of the scenes.

An elegant young woman walks down the street. She brings happiness in her face, harmony in her walking.

Then, the soft voice of a child, begins to be heard: This one is going to be my mother. Beautiful, isn´t she?

She does not even know yet, but fate will give a little help.

Meanwhile, folder and documents fall from the hands of the character in focus, who bends down to catch everything. Right at that moment her eyes, as they rise, glimpse the charming window of a cosmetics and perfume shop.

She stands up, look to it with interest and enter the place.

She tries on the perfume in launch offer and leaves, happy, with the product in a personalized bag.

Soon after, she enters a bookstore and the young man who attends her, gazes at her, interested. The glances cross, they smile and the fingers touch each other, over the counter.

Now, the child's voice continues: In exactly two years and fifty-four days I will be born.

In the next scene, the young woman has a beautiful baby in her arms and the voice concludes:

How did I recognize my mother, when I was born? By the smell.

*   *   *

The appeal is commercial, no doubt. However, what thrills us is the elaboration of a story that has a great truth in its background.

Our children accompany us on the path of life, long before they enter the family scenario, reincarnated.

They know us. From Spirituality they follow, often, with increased interest, the encounter of those who will become their parents.

They will smile when the union takes place, waiting, anxiously, for the moment to rejoin the flesh, through this love that is found, or that is reunited.

What is exciting is to see how the Divine truths present themselves in the world and, little by little, take a place of citizenship.

In a commercial that has sales, profit as its background, a great truth stamped: the pre-existence of the soul, which is not created at the birth of the body.

It has a trajectory of several reincarnation experiences.

Plus: it plans its reincarnation, choosing its parents, the family it will have, the general goals it has to achieve in the life it programs.

Isn´t it wonderful to know that affection never ends? That the children who come to us we have seen them before, almost always? That many of them are loves that return to our heart, desiring reunions?

Desiring that, together, we continue to grow, in the love that unites us.

That explains the love of mother, of father. The love of  brothers. They are reunions.

It calms us the soul, especially when our loved ones leave this life. They continue to love us, as we do to them.

Through the wings of the dream, through the threads of prayer, they visit us.

And, very often, still in this same life, they return to our conviviality, as nephews, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.

Ah, this infinite love of God that spreads through the land of the hearts of His children!

Spiritism Moment Team
March 15.2019.

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