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Curitiba, 20 de Maio de 2019
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ícone Son of God

The expression Son of God is widely used in our everyday language. So used it has worn.

Do we have any idea what it means to be the Son of God? Do we feel like children of God?

First, we need to understand Who or What we are speaking of.

The word God designates the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe, the primary cause of all things.

Within all these things, we are also, Spirits, the intelligent beings of Creation.

This I ntelligence, which we call God – and others call it by other names – governs the Universe through the perfect laws of love and justice. Nothing goes out of His control. Everything is perfectly managed by Him.

He also runs a work of unimaginable beauty. We know very little about its exuberance and the more we discover, the more we love it. How everything fits, how everything works with perfection, from micro to macro.

Everything has its function in nature, everything is connected, intertwined, interconnected. It is a true work of art.

Now it comes the most interesting: we are part of this work of art. We have an important role in Creation.

When the Spiritist Doctrine Coder, Allan Kardec, asked the masters of Spirituality what the purpose of the incarnation of the Spirits is, that is, why we need to wear a material body e bind ourselves to a physical life, he received the following answer:

God imposes the incarnation on Spirits, in order to bring them to perfection. For some it is atonement, for others, mission.  But, in order to attain this perfection, they must under go the vicissitudes of the moral existence.

Another end to incarnation: that of putting the Spirit in a position to bear the part which it has in the work of creation.

There it is: the part that touches us in the work of Creation. We have a part in all this. We are important, we have meaning, we need to exist.

For those who, sometimes, feel insignificant, think: does the sun feel that way? It has a part in the great universal work.

But what is the sun before the hundreds of billions of suns in the Universe? For those who like to count numbers only, it may seem insignificant.

Secondly, we need to understand that we are not parts of the Creator and nor emanations from Him.

We are His work, we are children, we are independent of Him who created us.

We carry his signature within us, the signature of the great Author, who makes us walk towards happiness inevitably.

A father is always close and present in the life of his children. It could not be any different.

What happens to us is that we do not perceive the Father as we might perceive. Some even say that He does not even exist. This apparent distance we created by the lack of sensitivity, which needs to be developed.

This sensitivity is part of our moral achievements, as is love – love of neighbor. Together they will build a new virtue: religiosity.

Religiousness will give us the ability to perceive the Creator, perceiving our neighbor and building a bond of love, between us, he and the Great Father.

Spiritist Moment Team, with reference to question
132, of
The Book of Spirits, by Allan Kardec, publisher FEB.
February 27,2019.

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