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Curitiba, 20 de Maio de 2019
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ícone Testimony of gratitude

The proposal of the television program was to find relatives who had lost contact, throughout the years.

The testimonies presented were of the most diverse, through so many who, for one reason or another, were unaware of the whereabouts of family members, in virtue of the paths they had taken.

There were stories of mismatches and separations, pains that time was in charge of calming down but that, in the face of the opportunity of reunion, came back with power and intensity.

And that is how she told the story of her life.

She was pregnant. She was young, without independence, in precarious financial conditions, without any family support.

When giving birth, her mother´s heart had thought about the future of the daughter.

With the pains overflowing her soul, she gave up for adoption.

She had vaguely met the family that would adopt her: they had good financial conditions and they longed for a child. That family would surely love her.

Decades had gone by. Now, there she was in front of the cameras, seeking the daughter, speaking of the pain she still carried in her soul.

Her great fear, however, was not to be understood by her, for she had given her in adoption, in her first days of life.

The story reached the daughter, told from mouth to ear, by those who were touched by the fact.

However, she lived in a very distant city. So, the television network had the initiative to go to the daughter, to interview her.

Family mother, surrounded by her two teenage daughters, she began her testimony.

I wanted to profoundly thank you to this woman who is my mother.

I am a mother and I can assess the pain she felt when giving me up to adoption.

Only a very great love is able to do that. She gave up raising me so that I could have a better life.

I am all thankful to my biological mother.

As she finished, tears were rolling down her face, thrilling her daughters as well.

Not a word of disapproval. No judgment, sorrow or expectation.

She put herself in the place of her birth mother and felt sorry for her. She understood her pain, her drama and was thankful.

She allowed herself to compassion.

*   *   *

Compassion is born from the empathy we allow ourselves to feel for the other, when we put ourselves in their place, when we try to understand what has led them to take certain attitude, their situation, possibilities and limitations.

No unnecessary judgment, and almost always unfair.

Only compassion for the pain of the other, understanding the difficulties and dramas that surround them.

Before we judge, let us remember that many people in the world face battles that we can not even imagine.

Not a few of those who travel the roads of life carrying intense dramas and, doing their best cope well with difficulties.

The good Samaritan took pity on himself and attended the man on the wayside.

Let us do the same. There are so many fallen through the paths, needing our compassion, not our hasty judgments.

And, in many situations, they are also in need of our gratitude.

Spiritist Moment Team.
February 21,2019.

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