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Curitiba, 22 de Julho de 2019
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ícone The great farewell

We were born fragile. Of all the living beings on the planet, we are the most defenseless.

Without someone to feed us, take care of us, watch over us, we perish.

Guarded by the love of our parents or generous hands that are extended towards us, in the affection of uncles and aunts, grandmothers, we develop.

Gradually we dominate the body, we rise to walk, leaning on what is around. Then, we learned to run, to jump, climb trees.

And no one else holds us. We master the alphabet, the numbers. Of the school benches of the first years, we reached the university ones.

We become professionals, we fight over the market.

Each year is an achievement, a victory. We learn something more and something else is allowed.

And everything is celebrated in a vibrant way. The degree, the contest, the vacancy disputed in the company of renown, the promotion achieved.

Among many achievements, possibly one of the most exciting is to have the National Driver´s License in hands.

Getting into the car, driving it, going from one place to another gives us the airs of wider freedom.

No dependencies, no waiting to be taken. No need to wait to be picked up after school, after the party, after the ball.

Freedom. And, as the years double, that independence grows wider.

Going to the supermarket, to the theater, to the movies, to the park. Travel to the countryside, to the beach, to the mountain.

There are no limits. We plan and realize.

However, when we reach a certain age, it seems that gradually everything is being withdrawn.

The limitations are established, health problems appear.

For those over sixty-five years of age, in Brazil, the rules for the renewal of the Driver´s license become more severe.

The validity period is only three years. And, as we present health limitations, driving permission now has exclusive rules.

For example, driving only until sunset.

When we do not get to get the renewal, we do not fail to register a certain sadness.

Wishing to pay homage to some seniors who will no longer have their Driver´s License, a vehicle company has come up with something thrilling.

At a racetrack, they were invited to ride in one of the fastest cars in the world, alongside an experienced driver.

Then, they themselves were able to take the wheel in their hands and drive, swiftly down the runway. All with the right of having motorcycle companions and the audience vibrating for each one of them.

A huge joy! A beautiful farewell to the steering wheel! And each one won a special license, framed, as a trophy for their feat of driving so many years.

Wonderful gesture of gratitude to those who have given so much of themselves, through the years, and are gradually losing their freedom to come and go, without limits.

How good it would be if we reminded ourselves a bit more of our elders people and were able to massage their hearts and their will to live with these little great things that make them happy.

Let us think about it.

Spiritist Moment Team, based
on the video
A grande despedida, by Nissan.
February 6,2019.

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