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Curitiba, 22 de Julho de 2019
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ícone The search for God

At all ages of Humanity, there was no culture, no people, no tradition, which did not possess a profound feeling for Divinity.

In the beginning, this higher Self was confused with His Works. Therefore, the idea that there were many.

They were gods in action  the storm, the storms of the sea, the eruption of the volcano.

Moreover, they were conceived as almost human, in their appearance, in their passions, desires, longings.

In the difficulty  of transcending the thought, the idea of Divinity did not depart from that which was within the reach of  the senses.

It was maturity before life that allowed an understanding of monotheism, of a God Creator of everything and everyone.

However, there was still the conception of this God as vengeful, able of imputing punishment; a God who stood in wait for the minutiae of the life of men  to condemn one and another  according to His mood.

As a being in constant vigilance, the idea of God was one to fear, considering that at any moment His wrath might fall upon Humanity for any infraction committed.

*   *   *

Then he arrived. He came from the lands of Galilee, singing the grandiosities of  the works of God, and calling Him Father.

As the  Elder Brother teaching the lesson  to the little ones, he brought the message that the Father is mercy and goodness, providing all the needs of His children.

From His message, we ceased to fear God.

We  came to seek Him as the Father always ready to help and support those He created and  sustains for love.

And it is this Jesus who summons us up to do our part, to take our responsibility before the world, without accommodating ourselves to unproductive idleness.

He warns us, not to fall into the illusion of a God of childlike miracles, who disposes of a favorable form, giving up to mild pleasures  and offerings.

However, He also calms our hearts, telling us not to worry about tomorrow, because every day is enough for its own concern.

From then on, we began to understand the greatness of God and His Providence.

And, even when we imagine that something is lacking, this apparent lack is nothing more than the offer of Divine Providence to give us growth.

It is true that we continue to understand God in the most diverse ways, each one according to his values ??and intimate  needs.

However, before Galileo, no one had sung, with such clarity, the glories of the kingdom of heavens, the resources of Divine Providence and His inexpressible kindness.

Also, no one after Him was able to live in such purity the teachings of the Father, in  incomparable example.

Thus, walking to God is an unavoidable attraction, for we bring His essence into our intimacy, as His children.

But, we will not reach the kingdom of heavens except through the Celestial Shepherd, Jesus.

By presenting Himself as the Way, the Truth and the Life, He  establishes himself  as the safety guide so that  we can fully understand God, building His kingdom in the intimacy of our heart.

Spiritist Moment Team
February 6,2019.

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