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Curitiba, 22 de Julho de 2019
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ícone Before departure

It was dawn and the hope of a new day appeared. The sun was shining, filling the little garden with various colors.

She opened the windows, allowing the morning air and the rays of the bright star to fill the rooms of the house.

Everything seemed to sing joys, in the symphony of the birds and in the light breeze. Everything but her heart.

Elderly, after an illness that had disabled her, she felt that day by day the forces were abandoning her. The body weighed, the steps were not so fast.

More than anything, the sadness in her soul spoke of the pains she experienced and the problems of the now. Strangely enough, the difficulties of the childhood, the adolescence loomed over her.

Money always short, almost lacking. The many desires of childhood never met because the superfluous could not be cogitated in her home.

The premature deaths of her brothers, of her parents, all added up in a body of bitterness. Why? – She wondered. Why do so many sad memories assail myself, from some time on?

The nights were filled with dreams in which she met the loved ones who had been departure. And everything seemed like a great preparation for her own death.

Death. In those weeks, which were adding up, this was her most constant thought. When would she leave? How would it be?

That, she knew, only God, the Father was aware. No one else. The only certainty was that she would leave, someday, that she believed would be brief.

*    *    *

Many of our elderly people live in a more or less similar situation. Almost always, they live it in the intimacy of their hearts, without speaking of their feelings.

And that leads to depression, which robs their forces and accelerates the departure. It is important that we remain close, watch them.

Long silences, distant glances like trying to glimpse the pictures of the Spirituality where they soon will be transferred to, are signs that must draw attention to us.

The scarce smiles, tears that appear at certain moments, soon disguised…

Let us be alert. Some will say that we are giving them assistance, that we provide them  with the home, food, health care.

But, their great problem is called, in synthesis, nostalgia.

They have seen their most beloved ones leave. The parents went away, children, friends. Life, which seemed like a flowery garden, is getting less flowers each day.

And then, our elders, too, like flowers that bloomed long ago, which for a long time sprinkled their perfume and their coloring, begin to wither.

Caring is what they ask for. More precise health care. Sometimes, a therapist to whom they can tell, without fearing to hurt, stab or worry, what goes on in their soul.

Since the sorrow that have been dammed, throughout the years the worried about the until soon. Will they become invalid? Will they suffer long diseases? When will they leave?

Let us pay attention to these flowers that have perfumed our homes so much and which now bend to the ground, like weary stems.

Let us serve them, today, now. They are the loves of our lives: grandparents, mothers, fathers, other relatives that have caressed our childhood, the happy days.

Let us think about it.

Spiritist Moment Team.
February 4,2019.

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