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ícone Winning mountains

Since the beginning of the 20th century, alpinists from all over the world dream of winning Mount Everest, considered to be the highest mountain on the planet.

Many went up, but not all were able to return to the base.

But… where does this desire to win mountains come from?

Climbing has become a human practice since the antiquity.

Some people believed that the mountains were the home of gods and magical beings. If they could get to the top, they would meet them and could become immortal.

Climbing a mountain meant conquering the invincible, challenging the gods.

Ancient tales tell of the trajectory of heroes who needed to overcome mountains and face the dangers they hid. At the end of the journey, they were matured and transformed.

When the Master Jesus told His disciples that faith could move mountains, it was not about transgressing the laws of physics, but about the possibility of overcoming what we suppose to be invincible, beginning with our weaknesses and our defects. 

Faced with an addiction that dominates us and before which we feel small and weak, we can identify ourselves with the image of a boy in front of a mountain of more than eight thousand and eight hundred meters high, such as Mount Everest.

What can someone so small against a mount?

Some thought to be impossible to get to the top and come back alive, while others believed, with all their might, that it would be possible.

They have created tools and equipment to enable them to climb more firmly and safely.

Over the centuries, they fought to overcome the highest mountains. Many perished, many gave up, but many insisted.

These, finally, managed to reach the top of the world, showing that climbing is possible, although difficult.

*    *    *

In our earthly journey, day after day we face an evolutionary escalation. We must overcome our flaws, especially selfishness and pride.

We have to overcome our addictions and, for this we dispose of a powerful tool, perhaps the most powerful of all: faith.

Faith is the innate feeling, in man, of his destination. It is the consciousness of the prodigious faculties which it brings in the germ in the inmost, at first in latent state, but which must make it germinate and grow, through its active will.

Through faith in God, in His love, in His justice and in the cultivation of the potentialities that He has endowed us, we can overcome the mountains of difficulties that are between us and full happiness.

Winning a mountain is not simply to get it out of our way. It is about knowing how to deal with it, how to overcome the challenges it presents.

Do not be afraid to climb it. Do not fear what we have to leave behind to reach the Top.

Every day we dedicate ourselves to the effort to overcome what holds back our life and makes us miserable, it is a journey of self-transformation, just as climbing requires the effort and dedication of the climber.

Faced with an obstacle to be transposed, let us be sure that God is with us. If we truly join in heart and mind to Him, we will be able to overcome everything else that holds us back.

Let us think about it.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on item 12, chapter 19,
from the book
The Gospel according to the Spiritism,
by Allan Kardec, pub. FEB and on the text Breve História
do Alpinismo, by Waldemar Niclevicz,
January 14.2019.

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