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Curitiba, 27 de Setembro de 2020
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ícone The unexplored Universe

In 2016, the Hubble Space Telescope spotted what was considered the most distant galaxy that has been observed by us.

A time travel, when the Universe was only four hundred and eighty million years old, according to scientists.

What is most surprising is its distance from Earth: more than thirteen billion light-years. Something unimaginable for our current understanding.

However, this number will soon be exceeded. By retiring Hubble, we will launch new telescopes, more powerful, with more incredible technologies and we will see further.

Note: in a short time man has left the caves and is observing distant galaxies…

His outward achievements are impressive, beautiful. But, we realize that he needs to accomplish another feat, as important as this, another journey of exploration: the journey into himself.

Man wants to live on the moon, wants to populate other planets, but does not want to live within himself. Therefore, it escapes its reality through various tragic physiological means.

We are geniuses in certain areas, but we do not know how to live in society, we do not know how to handle small frustrations, we do not know how to lose…

We are virtuous, talents capable of impressing crowds with our accurate technique, but we are unable to maintain a simple relationship with someone.

We cannot deal with the other by our side and we isolate ourselves.

Our children are born knowing many things. They deal with the new technologies as if they had taken courses in the Spiritual world before they were born.

However, they do not know how to make friends. They reach adolescence and create avatars for themselves, false identities and isolate themselves. They cannot handle personal contact.

The little ones have facilities for languages, they do tricks, learn to walk ahead of time, speak quickly. However, they carry loads of inexplicable violence within them.

Our idols, artists, renowned personalities, who call our attention for being so special in what they do, who seem to have the perfect life, often hide the loneliness, sadness and the lack of existential meaning, which leads some to the suicide.

And we, fathers and mothers, have learned to be multitasking; to deal with several things at the same time; to be in control of everything; to have information; watching two hundred TV channels while we watch our children and feed ourselves.

But, at what cost? How long will we endure this pace? Do we know ourselves enough to answer?

Sometimes we conclude that it is time to slow down, reduce activities. However, almost always, only when it is late, when depression settles in, when anxiety has taken hold or when some more serious biological change catches our attention.

*    *    *

It is time to look inside, to get to know our stars, our intimate galaxies, to unravel this Universe so unexplored yet.

Life becomes unsustainable without this knowledge.

Everything will make more sense when we seek our essence, when we begin to understand who we are, what we are doing here and what our main goal is.

Let us not be carried away by the tribulations of the modern world and its many distractions.

We are bigger than all of that. We are more than material things. We are more than time, than space. We are immortal Spirits.

Spiritist Moment Team.
May, 26.2020.

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