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Curitiba, 27 de Junho de 2019
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ícone Jesus, the Good Shepherd

Since long He was expected. Sung by the prophetic mouths of Israel, all those people awaited His coming.

In the imagination of that suffering people, He would be the hero of the world, the warrior of the great nation.

He would take back what was lost, and reposition Israel in the glories of the world.

However, He preferred to come to the world in the anonymity of a stable.

For thirty years, His daily life was the simplicity of a paternal house, in the almost forgotten hamlet of Nazareth.

The Solar King became a carpenter, an ordinary man, entertained with the little things of those simple and humble people, waiting for His time to arrive.

And when He went out into the world to preach the things of God, mankind was never the same.

Knowing the human soul, He was able to reveal the profound secrets of God´s Law in the simple language of those who heard Him.

If the harlots, the lepers, the blind and the lame were His companionship, and He loved them in intensity, He also knew how to live with the authorities, the wise and the mourners.

He came to the sick because, as He himself said, the sane do not need doctor. And the sick of the soul are everywhere.

He became the doctor of all, offering of His medicine to heal the evils of the soul.

For that, He exemplified and experienced exhaustion the love of the neighbor and the love of God above all things, as He remembered, being the greatest commandment of the Laws of the Father.

Understanding the pains of the soul, He postioned Himself as the Good Shepherd, promising to take care for each one of us, the sheep of His flock.

Come to me, all you who are tired and afflicted, and I will give you rest.

This is the promise that every thirsting heart desires to hear.

Take my burden  that is light, and my yoke that is sweet.

He spoke of His proposal to persuade us to let ourselves be dragged by love.

Never before, and not after, did one experience love of one´s neighbor  in such high purity.

And He loved with such intensity that He healed lepers with His touch, stalled hemorrhages with His virtues, and intense obsessive processes crumbled  under His command.

In His incomparable purity He bequeathed to us the most beautiful lessons that Mankind had ever had, though still misunderstood, if not forgotten, by us.

But, behold, in these days of affliction and anguish, of transition and tumult through which the Earth passes, again the voice of Him echoes in our hearts.

Come to me, all of you who are tired and afflicted…

We are all, the tired and the afflicted, in need of His loving lap to support our difficulties, to sustain us walking, to encourage us to move forward.

Let us not forget, then, that He will always be the Good shepherd, to take care of each one of us, His sheep.

Let us enter into His fold, follow His voice, His command.

None of the sheep that the Father has entrusted to me will be lost. I am the Good Shepherd. I know my sheep and they know my voice.

Let us follow Him. Let us feel and live His peace.

Spiritist Moment Team.
December 11.2018.

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