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Curitiba, 25 de Agosto de 2019
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ícone Our next Christmas

Every year, the month of December, almost everywhere in the world, prepares for the Christmas celebrations.

The big cities are filled with lights, of colors, in order to attract tourists to their markets.

Although all this commercial appeal, harshly criticized by many, there is one special note that, sometimes, we do not realize.

Exactly because we stare at the strictly material.

They are the songs of Christmas, sung by icons of international music, in theaters, churches, bandstands, public squares, thrilling people, reminding them the true meaning of this date: the birth of the most extraordinary Being that ever lived on this planet.

Nothing less than our Solar King, Jesus, the Christ.

Dramatizations of His arrival on the planet, the visit of the shepherds, the arrival of the magi, worshiping Him, everything is remembered in detail.

In this evocation to the Celestial King, the verses of the songs are like prayers addressed to the birthday Person.

Some of them, true pearls of light, like the one conceived by an Italian composer.

Normally, we become accustomed to beg the Divine Master, as the shepherd of our souls, to give us strength, to renew our hope, before so many problems that still surround us.

Possibly we have never thought how he feels, the One who is our Model and Guide before the vision of this world of so many differences, prejudices and pains.

Does He not, at one time or another, grieve for recognizing us so rebellious, despite all His example and guidance?

Does He not weep, as has done more than once, when was among us, to see us suffer so much, in the certainty that if we were to change, we would have fewer problems to face?

Do we ever think how Jesus feels about our stubbornness in remaining in shadows, or making such small efforts to change ourselves?

It is exactly in this light that the composer wrote the verses that say something like this:

When at night I pray in my bed, I think of what is seen from the heavens: all the evil that we still live on Earth; each tear falls like salt.

You ask me what a small child can do.

With love, I think I can do a lot. For instance, comfort Him a little, Jesus.

Force, Jesus. Do not worry if the world is not so beautiful, seen from the skies.

With Your love, we can dream and have some of the sky here on Earth.

When I say the morning prayer, I ask for my sister, my dad and my mom who, so close, smiles at me.

That gives me great happiness.

But, I think of the children who are not as happy as I am, because it is so hard to grow without love.

All this must be very sad for Your heart, Jesus.

But I believe that a child’s prayer is important, because in its heart has the beauty that makes You smile. Exactly this beauty that will save the world.

Force, Jesus. With Your love we can dream and have a little of heaven right here… on Earth.

*   *   *

May our next Christmas meet us with this disposition to love and much better...

After all, by then we will have lived another three-hundred and sixty-five days in this school called Earth.

Spiritist Moment Team, with verses from
The Italian song
Forza, Gesú, by Zecchino D´Oro.
December 6.2018.

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