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Curitiba, 18 de Junho de 2019
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ícone My life is my message

When making a balance of his existence, and being asked what message he would leave for India, the great Mohandas Gandhi said: My life is my message.

The great pacifist did not choose words, did not choose lessons, did not choose formulas. He left his example, his steps, his life.

Examples are stronger than sayings, they are stronger than written and than recipes.

When someone is able to live his own message, he becomes a messenger and message at the same time. He becomes strength and fortress simultaneously.

To leave life as a message is to follow the path of conscience in peace, which, at the end of the day, safely, without any subterfuge, you can say you owe nothing to anyone.

Life as a message also goes beyond the should not. It also reaches the sphere of the affirmative: I have done everything that was within my reach.

Action is necessary for us to grow. It is not enough not to do evil. It is necessary to do good, to love, to trim edges, to strengthen the bonds, to give light to everyone everywhere.

Fathers and mothers should make maximum effort to be living messages to their children. This does not require perfection, as it is not yet within our reach.  It requires only attention to the steps, seriousness in the commitments, observation of the errors, so to learn from them.

People who have a certain visibility in the world, artists, politicians, leaders, all of them need to be attentive to Gandhi’s speech.

They all have brought the commitment to crowds, because their actions, their words, their way of living are copied by many.

Even in smaller spheres, we are, sometimes, reference to many people who perceive our example, who notice our values, and will notice if what we speak is different from what we live.

If in all of Gandhi’s work in South Africa and then in India, he had been exalted only once, if he had used of violence in one single opportunity, his whole message would be compromised.

However, that did not happen. He was able to be punched and suffer moral violence without needing to retaliate. He offered the other face at all times, reminding another great Master who had also made of His life His message.

Jesus, contrary to what many people say, did not die in order to save us. He lived to give us the roadmap of salvation for our lives.

Yes, His example is the great script that He left us, His great message, to the point of the man who wishes to become a true agent of good has to self-inquiring daily:

What would Jesus do in my place? What would He do in this same situation?

The answers are not easy and simple, of course, but the question alone, is powerful, and it is halfway of the journey.

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Be the change you want to see in the world. – Said, one day, the great liberator of India.

If we want to see the transformed world, let us begin this change within ourselves.

How are we? Better than yesterday? Prepared for the New Age? Willing to be men of good?

Spiritist Moment Team.
October 10.2018.

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