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Curitiba, 20 de Maio de 2019
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ícone Talking about love

Have you ever dreamed of living a great love? One of those which fill up the romantic stories and fill the heart with sighs?

Have you ever imagined living a relationship that resembled a sea of tranquility, without disagreements, without unpleasantness?

It is natural to feed these desires and to yearn only joys in the relation between two people.

We choose who to share life with, and plans of luckiness and dreams of happiness are made in our hearts.

But, when we get involved in relationships with others, there are not many difficulties that arise.

Soon, the differences begin to be made here or there, starting to demand us virtues that, almost always, we do not have.

At some point we would need more patience, but we could not find enough of it in ourselves.

In other situations, it is a little more understanding than would be necessary, and that is precisely what we lack.

Other times, it would be necessary to forget some of us, in order to give ourselves to the other. And we do not even realize it.

This is because we bring many difficulties into our inner world, and it is natural for them to influence our relationships.

Often, even with love, it is still limited, with difficulties in being experienced in a more relaxed and sweet way.

As we bring our inner world very turbulent, clouded by so many feelings, the experience of love becomes difficult.

However, none of this should be grounds for giving up or discouraging this challenge of human relationships.

The virtues, which we do not possess today, will come to the extent that we invest in its exercise.

The difficulties of today will become smaller if we insist on the conjugation of learning to love.

Love consolidates and is grounded in human relationships, facing challenges and when we allow ourselves the opportunity to live and overcome them.

Many of us, in the first difficulties, in the first clashes, conclude that love is over, that it is no use to continue investing in the relationship.

If, for every difficulty that arises, we make a move to abandon it, we will not mature. We will always be to the same extent, in the same emotional scope.

We will not win virtues without our own efforts. We will not overcome our limitations without the courage to face them.

In this way, as we set out to learn from the natural clashes that the relationship offers, we will collect, here and there, piles of virtues.

By collecting small pearls of patience, understanding, gentleness, generosity or friendship, they will fill our hearts with the values we lack.

So, nothing better than investing in relationships. Facing small difficulties, with courage and naturalness.

Soon, what seemed so difficult, will become lesson won, and we will be ready for new strikes.

To abandon the illusion that feelings are born ready, gives us lucidity in the great happiness of life, understanding that learning to love is the greatest challenge that it can offer us.

 Spiritist Moment Team.
September 22.2018

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