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Curitiba, 27 de Junho de 2019
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ícone Friendly voices

Pedro and Ana have met in school. At first, they did not sympathize much with each other, but they did recognize their mutual intelligence and integrity and became friends.

The friendship was consolidating and, in a short time, it evolved into something stronger, more intense.

They were partners of ideas and ideals. One even knew what the other was thinking.

They got married, had children, some dogs, cats, fish.

They made friends, travelled around, worked in partnership.

Life was not always easy, but they faced the difficulties together. The love grew, matured and strengthened.

They arrived the middle age planning their retirement and the trips they would go on.

The children, raised, no longer needed full dedication. They were flapping their wings, independent and autonomous.

In the midst of plans rescued from the bottom of the chest and the birth of new dreams, Ana began to feel that something was not right. Avoiding worrying her husband she went to the doctor.

To her surprise, she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of cancer.

After the initial shock, she did not give up. She sought information, doctors and alternative treatments.

The prospects, however, were rather bleak.

The family got united and Ana decided to move forward with her life until the point when nothing else could be done.

It was years of battle with chemotherapy, surgeries for the removal of tumors, tests with new drugs.

One night, hospitalized at the Intensive Care Unity and disillusioned by doctors, she asked her husband to talk to distant relatives and friends.

How could it be possible, however, if ICU entry was restricted and not everyone could make it in time?

Besides, talking to everyone would be exhausting and fatiguing.

Pedro had an idea. He talked to the doctor on call and was given permission to stay by her side and use the cell phone.

He made contact with almost his entire list of friends and family, requesting that they recorded a message, in one of the phone applications, messages of affection for Ana.

Many could not record, because of the emotion.

But messages came from all corners, with words enchanted, sung, whispered.

They all carried affection, respect and the hope of a reunion.

Ana spent the night listening to the messages, which Pedro played on his cell phone, from time to time.

Tears streamed from the eyes of both of them. Tears also flowed from the eyes of nurses and doctors.

That UCI was full of people, not physically, but in spirit, in good energies, in light.

Ana went through that night, woke up the next morning and stayed for another week, quiet and serene, until her death.

In this period, she asked to hear the friendly voices that had done her so good, that had been so tender.

She left in peace, knowing she was not alone. The friendly voices flanked her, supported and prepared her to return to the spiritual homeland, where she would meet other friendly voices, equally full of love and longing, eager for that long-awaited reunion.

Spiritist Moment Team.
August 10.2018.

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