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ícone The two mounts

In the year 100 B.C., the fortress of Masada, name derived from this immense plateau in the Cordillera of Judea was built.

The whole region was arid, the climate hostile and ardent. A few times, the rainsoftened the torment of the calcareous rocks that the winds and the few torrents dug, producing chasms.

The Judean desertcan be compared to many human feelings, in which the delicate expressions of kindness, love, compassion or solidarity do not spring forth.

In the loneliness of the desertdeath or communion with the Divinity is inevitable.

After the fall of Jerusalem, a few hundreds of people sought shelter in Masada.

So, eight thousand soldiers occupied the fortress. After several months, they managed to penetrate the strong wall.

But, the nine-hundred and seventy people, among children, women and men had been killed and the author committed suicide.

It allfor notsurrendering to the Romans.

Two women and five children, who hid themselves, survived the tragedy, and later recounted the dreadful event.

Masada went down in History as a triumph, the victory of freedom over slavery, by the widespread practice of murder and suicide.

*    *    *

In the fertile and green Galilee there is a mountain, of smaller height,from where it is possible to contemplate the generous and rich of fish sea.

The nature there is cheerful, the flowers bloom.

Everything speaks of peaceful social life, friendship, struggles and efforts forsurvival in the existential daily.

The Jordan River is responsible for that blessed sea, which the boats cross from one side to the other among the numerous cities that embellish it, as pearls on a necklace.

In this place, Jesus taught the most valuable lessons of His doctrine.

The beatitudes have become the international hymn of beauty and mercy, of exuberant life and hope, of sublime emotions and of bliss.

The poem took hold of the minds and hearts of the simple in spirit, the meek and peaceful, the hungry and thirstingfor peace and justice, the merciful, thepersecuted.

That region is blessed by the beauty and scent of an almost eternal spring, with happy memories and renewable joys.

In the mount of the beatitudes the green continues and the soft melody, whichhas been sung there, continues to magnify the lives that move around it as a symbol of the greatness of love.

There lay the ethical and moral foundations of the doctrine of Jesus.

Nothingwas ever heard that matched to what was presented there.

In the terrestrial society there are people who recall Masada, feared and detested, dominated by brute force and unbridled ambition.

There are also people who are similar to the landscapes of the other mount, the exalted bliss, the unequal generosity, the renunciation and self-denial, the sacrifice of their own life in favor of their brother.

Masada continues almost always ardent or chill on the cold winter days.

Mount Hope remains a warm-hearer and vital to the human being, gentle and kind, evoking love.

What are we: the arid mount or the hope mount?

Let us think about it.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on the message
Doismontes, doisdestinos, by theEspirit Amelia Rodrigues,
psychographyof Divaldo Pereira Franco, on January 28, 2014,
in Jerusalem, Israel.
August 7.2018.

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