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Curitiba, 22 de Julho de 2019
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ícone The smile of faith

Surgeries on young children leave everyone but, especially, the parents, with the heart in their hands.

Delivering the life of a loved one into the hands of a stranger is a most painful task.

In a moment he is there with you, playing, hugging, having fun, not knowing what to expect ahead. Soon, he is a hospital bed, unconscious – general anesthesia.

Maybe it is the first lesson of detachment that life gives parents…

And so it was with that three-year-old little girl. She arrived at the hospital, perky, at seven am, as if it were a regular day of play.

Like most kids, she did not like very much the medical appointments where the doctor kept turning her up and down, down and up, poking here and there, measuring this and that.

If she thought as an adult, she would certainly ask: How do these doctors find so many holes in me to place these strange and cold instruments?

Then, when she saw her pediatrician, all dressed, wearing a mask, a cap, a lap coat, she realized that something weird was happening.

She shrugged, looked at her mom and stared at him.

The parents, who had prepared her a few days ago, explaining what would happen, went on to say, in simple words, that this uncle would help her to breathe better, be become less ill.

They did not lie, or deceive the child, saying it would not hurt. Knowing about the postoperative, suffered for the little ones, they explained that they would be next to her when she woke up again and that the pain would pass.

And there went the mother, carrying the girl to the surgical bed where she would be sedated. The fear would be her reaction when she realized she was in a surgical center.

However, she surprised everyone. She lay down calmly. There were other professional in the room and, when they put the mask on her with the sedative, she raised her eyes, opened a large smile and, then, closed her eyelids.

Later, the resident anesthesiologist, delighted, addressed to the mother and reported: What an angel. I had never received such a real smile like that…

She trusted them. She trusted her parents. She trusted.

*    *    *

How is our trust in God?

Do we see the Creator as this experienced doctor who knows what He is doing, to whom we give our lives?

Sometimes, we understand Him in the same way that a three-year-old understands the knowledge of a professional with decades of experience – almost nothing.

And this is perfectly normal. This child will grow up and one day will understand him better.

But while she does not understand him, because she does not know him, she has the parents to tell her: You can trust. She has the parents to show her the truth of what is going to happen, the truth suited to her reality.

It is so with us, it is so with the true religion, which binds us to the Creator through feeling and reason.

The smile of faith is the certainty that everything that happens to us is for our own good, whether we like it or not, whether it is pleasant or not.

Faith gives us a broader view of existence. It takes us out of the cave and begins to show us the light outside.

Spiritist Moment Team.
July 26.2018.

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