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Curitiba, 22 de Julho de 2019
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ícone Nocturne in E-Flat

In Mainsfield, England, a policeman visited the residence of a ninety-three-year-old sir, who had been the victim of a robbery.

The modest house, with antique furniture and long-lived portraits on the walls, was in a state of pity. It twisted.

The officer was moved to see the sir sitting on his old armchair, disappointed and bewildered.

He needed to make a report, so hescanned the rooms carefully. It was when, in the opposite corner from where the owner of the house was, he found an old piano.

It was dusty. In a long time no one had touched it.

Opened, on the shelf of the still imposing instrument, there was a book of sheet music consumed by time.

The policeman recognized the play of the exposed page: Nocturne in E-Flat, by Chopin.

So, you like the nocturnes by Chopin! – He said.

Yes, my son. This one in particular, was my favorite when I still played the piano for my wife. She passed away, on Christmas Eve, a few years ago.

You know, it was my grandmother’s favorite too! – Said the police man, in a tone of who sought to enter into conversation, in order to distract the resident, and maybe comfort him a little, after the unpleasant occurrence.

Then, without thinking too much, the man sat downat the piano and began to play.

The elderly widened his eyes and began fingering too.

The wrinkled and trembling hands played keysin the air, in a mixture of piano and regency interpretation.

The environment changed. The music invaded every visible and invisible corner of that home of so many lived stories. There was no more robbery, no more house in disorder. Even the time was another.

It all because of the sensitivity of a man of the law, who went beyond his daily obligations, or rather, who understood his great duty as man of good on Earth.

*   *   *

We can all be instruments of good on the face of Earth.

At some point, in any situation, we can be called to be agents of awareness, consolation, help in the world.

And this is not just in the big gestures. In fact, in this field, what is considered large or small, is quite relative.

We are all capable, just need the good will, just need to want and be in line with this elevated proposal of collaboration and edification.

When waking up, every day, we can offer ourselves intimately to collaborate with the Creation, to be also creators.

Creators of the concord among people. Creators of harmony in the family environment. Creators of moments of joy to those who pass by us.

We can be a smile where there is seriousness. We can be optimism where there are only negative words.  We can be calm where despair reigns. In short, we can be music amid silence or the chaos of the disturbing noises of the tormented world.

Let us be transforming agents. Let us be the soft and beautiful music that invades the surroundings, without anyone noticing, bringing harmony and wisdom to the thoughts.

 Spiritist Moment Team, based
on a report taken from the internet.
July 27.2018.

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