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Curitiba, 27 de Junho de 2019
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ícone In the bitterest hour

It is like this. It comes when you are in the height of joy, when the plans are many and you hope what has never been reached.

It arrives and knocks down your dreams, destroys idealized pleasures, consumes with pain those that remain.

Tells us, the actress Helen Hayes,of her inconformity with the death of her daughter, who was only nineteen years old, plagued by a polio attack.

Why? – Her heart cried. My daughter was young and innocent, why be taken like this, on the eve of her debut in theatrical career, in New York?

She herself, in mourning, abandoned her artistic career. How could she create beauty on the stages, if she was dead inside?

She began to refuse social and professional commitments, limiting herself to receiving the most intimate family members.

She tried to find God, in literature. She read Saint Thomas Aquinas, the life and work of Gandhi, the Bible.

Everything, however, without any success. Her daughter was dead and all she could see was thick shadows in the world, in her life.

But, God has strange ways to inform His existence and help His children.

Then, some Isaac Frantz began calling her home, every day, trying to talk to her. Helen never answered him.

Finally, as he did not give up, she agreed to receive him at her house. He arrived, with his wife.

And it was in the beginning of the dialogue that the actress understood the reason for the visit of the couple.

The idea was of Mr. Isaac, in fact, without the knowledge of his wife, who was terrified when she heard about the commitment.

However, she had come, considering that her husband had had sucha difficult timesetting up that meeting.

What surprised Helen was the spontaneity with which the visitor began talking about his son, disincarnated, a shorttime ago, victim of infantile paralysis.

Suddenly, she realized that she was mentioning the name of her daughter, which she had not done since her death.

And that, emotionally, had eased her heart. However, what shocked her was to hear the visitor telling her that she had intended to adopt an orphan from Israel.

Mrs. Frantz, gently, told her: Are you thinking that this orphan will replace my son?

This can never happen. However, there is still love in my heart and I do not want this felling tobe lost for lack of use.

I cannot die, emotionally, because my son died biologically. I must not love less because the affection of my heart has disappeared physically. I must love even more, because my heart knows the suffering of those who have lost their loved one.

When the couple had said goodbye, concluding their visit, Helen realized why she had not met God before.

It is that He, the God-love, is not on the pages of a book. He lives in the human heart.

She also acknowledged that God does not privilegeanyone. Famous or almost anonymouspeople,are all equal, before His love and His justice.

*    *    *

It the bitterest hour, it will be the dynamic resignation and the search for God that will be able to ease the pain and establish new guidelines for the continuity of life.

After all, the dawn becomes extraordinary, exploding in colors, every day. And it invites us to love, not to allow that feeling to dryin our intimacy.

Because God is love, He created us and sustains us for love.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on the article Desencarnação de
um ente querido, From Revista Presença Espírita, number 317,
  from November/December of 2016, Publisher LEAL.
July 27.2018.

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