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Curitiba, 26 de Abril de 2019
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ícone Incapable

Andy Foster is forty-five years old. He is autistic and a waiter in a restaurant in England.

When some customers felt uncomfortable with his presence, as if they had some problem in being served by him, the owner of the establishment took a radical attitude.

He wrote a letter and posted it on a social media:

Today we spent the day rebuilding the self-esteem of one of our team members, after he was disrespected and discriminated while serving a table, at last night’s dinner.

“What is his problem?” And “why did you give him this job?” – The clients asked…

Here in our restaurant, we hire our employees based on experience and passion for work…

We do not hire by skin color, appearance, the quantity of tattoos, size of clothing,  religious beliefs or illness. We do not discriminate!

But if you do it… Then, please, do not book a table with us. You do not deserve our time, effort, or respect!

*   *   *

We still bring old vices in the soul.

Why do men and women receive different salaries when they carry out the same job, when being in the same position?

Why cannot elderly people work?

Why do we use the term incapable, referring to the disabled person?

Incapable of what? Doing certain tasks?

Let us reflect: aren’t we all yet incapable of many things? As developing Spirits on Earth don’t we have many intellectual-moral gaps?

Some of us, seeing someone playing a few accords of a song on any instrument, say: I am not even capable of ringing a bell!

Others have no talent for manual work.

Others, still, do not understand a comma of the news about economy, stocks, exchanging, etc…

And are we called incapable for that? It would be a great offense, at least.

So, looking at those who are considered special, we will see that they may have a lot of difficulty in certain areas; they may learn more slowly. However, at the same time, they do many other things with mastery, even with virtuosity.

They are able to attend a table in a restaurant with more sympathy and joy than many of the so-called normal;

they are able to perform tasks with extreme attention, with whim – something very difficult to find in employees, in general;

they are capable of cooking, of teaching a lesson, of acting and everything we can imagine. Moreover, they are able to make us believe in the power of persistence, effort and resignation. They teach us many things.

Let us think about it well. Let us reflect a little more the next time we hear the term incapable or when we perceive any kind of discrimination with whoever it is.

Finally, let us be the ones who open doors for them, so that they are no longer excluded in our society and can have a full life.

Let us not allow that our prejudice to turn us into real incapable ones.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on a fact.
June 25.2018.

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