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Curitiba, 26 de Abril de 2019
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ícone Lights of the world

Jesus told us that we are the light of the world and left us guidance to share our light with the people around us.

Many times, we believe we have nothing to offer to others. We make plans to help other people for the day we win the lottery, or when we retire and have time.

Being a spot of light in someone’s path is a lot easier than we think.

How many times do we run into a friend who is sad, who is going through a rough patch in life and needs to talk about it. All we need to do is stop and listen to what hurts him, and he feels better. This is help.

When we smile and reach out our hand to someone who just arrived at an unknown environment and is feeling insecure and afraid of not being welcome, we make them feel accepted. That also is a way to help.

When we turn to those who are feeling lonely and upset with words of warmth filled with affection, we involve them with love, renewing their strengths and bringing them encouragement and hope.

When Christ said that we are the light of the world, He pointed us to a path of charity and left us an invite to work for the common good, helping others with what we have inside of us. That makes us realize that to enlighten, we need to take care of the light we have.

A bright and shining light bulb offers an equally bright and shining light.

Our light is related to our capacity to share our best feelings and our knowledge to the good of all people.

It is not necessary to be a doctor to offer someone words of love and comfort. All you need is love and the will to offer it.

There is no need to be an expert in languages to listen to someone vent and offer an advice. You just have to know how to listen, to put yourself in the shoes of the one who suffers and help him with words of comfort and encouragement.

When we learn something new that helps us to understand sensations and feelings, why not share that with other people, so they can feel like we do?

Share Christ’s words is an excellent way to spread the light around the world.

Use the teachings of those words in our daily life, turns us living examples of the Cristian message.

We can also be the light that warms and shines even without talking, just by practicing what the Master taught us.

Forgive, love, welcome, comfort, pray, and to thank are a few actions we can do and inspire, in a good way, those who surround us.

Exercising our tolerance, patience, humility, and resignation will help turn our inner light in a clearer, purer and stronger focus.

That our will of being lights in the world gives us the courage we need to beat the darkness created by ignorance, intolerance, selfishness and pride.

That we can become light spots in the lives of our brothers, even though we think we are small and weak.

That every day we can become a little bit brighter, continuing persistent, until we can reach the immensity of the stars.

Spiritist Moment Team
June 22,2018.

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