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Curitiba, 21 de Março de 2019
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ícone It is God…

It is said that a madman arrived to the square and shouted: God died. Now, the cathedrals will be your mausoleums.

Some people wondered what he was saying. He really was crazy. Others, promptly, agreed, nodding. Others, still, dared to speak: And what is new about that?

A child, who was passing through the square, however, seemed to be extremely concerned.

Has God died? And now, who will feed the fish and the birds? Who will light the stars?

*   *   *

A study done in 2013 indicated that many scientists believed in God, according to the most common and usual concept.

Repeating, accurately, a famous 1916 survey, Edward Larson, of the University of Georgia, found that the depth of religious faith among scientists has not diminished, despite the scientific and technological advances.

In both the XX and the XXI Centuries, about forty percent of the biologists, physicists and mathematicians, who participated in the research, said that they believed in a God who, according to the strict definition of the questionnaire, communicates with Humanity and to whom you may pray in the hope of receiving a response.

Albert Einstein said that without God, the Universe is not satisfactorily explicable.

For him, God was the Law and the Lawgiver of the Universe. And he said: When I open the door of a new discovery I meet God inside.

French scientist André-Marie Ampère, founder of electrodynamics, wrote a book entitled Historical Evidence of the Divinity of Christianity.

The Englishman Isaac Newton, more recognized as a physicist and mathematician, and was also an astronomer, alchemist, natural philosopher and theologian, was considered the scientist who had caused the greatest impact in the History of science.

For him, the function of science was to discover universal laws and state them precisely and rationally

This scientific depth believed that the wonderful disposition and harmony of the Universe can only have originated according to the plan of a Being who knows everything and can do everything.

And he said: This is my last and highest discovery.

I can take my telescope and see millions of miles away in space. But, I can also put my telescope aside, go to my room, close the door and, in earnest prayer, see more of the sky and get closer to God than when I am equipped with all the telescopes and instruments of the world.

For the great intelligences, the existence of God is palpable. Attested by His effects, as we learn: Every effect has a cause. Every intelligent effect has an intelligent cause.

The child was right to wonder who would take care of the fish and the birds if there was no God.

And we would say more: who would command the concert of the worlds, that travel through the infinite space, at great speed?

Who would put plumage on the birds and provide the morning dew?

Who would make the sun, the moon and the stars shine? Who would set the precise route for the comets?

Who would paint the rainbow and put velvet on the petals of flowers?

And to every question, we would be able to hear the chorus of the winds and the branches of the willows: it is God… it is God… it is God.

Spiritist Moment Team.
June 6.2018.

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