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Curitiba, 21 de Março de 2019
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ícone Written in the stars

On this Earth, everything passes. Everything is transient.

This is so true that, sometimes, we forget characters who have made the big difference on Earth.

We enjoy, for example, the electric light, with all its benefits, rarely remembering who has offered it to the world.

We fight infections, by using antibiotics, without remembering who discovered them, who improved them, the many researchers involved.

Similarly, with several other inventions that make our lives better, more comfortable, healthier.

Even great literary works, which charmed us in childhood, thrilled in our youth, it seems that, over time, we are relegated to oblivion.

However, the Spirits, who are no more than the souls of men who have died, tell us that in Spirituality there are precise records of the entire history of our Humanity.

With regards to books, for instance, they say that there are large libraries.

Libraries where the graphic works that are done on Earth are archived.

They affirm that when a writer or a medium, whoever it is, writes something that benefits humanity, in that library it is inscribed, with a characteristic typeface, translating the nobility of its content.

As the mind here, on the planet, elaborates, it simultaneously shapes there, in these very sensitive binders, that capture the mental wave and imprint everything.

If today we have the possibility of archiving, here on Earth, in a virtual way, by typing or scanning, let us imagine what a spectacular process this is: the mind is producing here and recording in Spirituality.

When the person writes because of an ideal and is not remunerated, when these books are opened, the letters acquire relief and are of a very pleasant form to the sight, having a peculiar luminosity.

If the person is a professional writer, who is remunerated for its work, but what produces is edifying, so is everything recorded.

If the person does it for the ideal and, being in a suffering and difficult moment, still writes with beauty, forgetting himself, to help the human creature, the lyrics acquire a musical vibration and become true songs.

Thus, the person hears, sees and captures the psychic records of when the author was writing the thesis.

These binders, in this library, remind us of those on Earth, where are recorded the ideas that will become a guide for guidance of the human creature.

All this points to a lesson of Master Jesus, recorded by Matthew the Evangelist: Verily I say unto you, all you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you shall loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven.

It also tells us that it is worthwhile, when we are discouraged and suffering, let us not get discouraged and continue our tasks.

The one that demands sacrifice, self-denial, effort, renunciation and, above all, tenacity, when performed in times of personal whiteness or trial, has greater value.

So, let us record our best on the stars of Spirituality.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on chapter 12,
from the book
O semeador de estrelas, by Sueli Caldas Schubert,
publisher Leal and with a transcription of chapter 18, verse 18
from the
Gospel of Matthew.
May 22.2018.

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