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ícone The most revered woman

One of the most beautiful descriptions of the interference of the Celestial Messengers is perhaps the one known as the Annunciation.

According to Evangelist Luke, an angel entered where the young Mary was, and says: Hail, full of grace. The Lord be with you.

And he tells her that she will conceive and give birth to a child, who will be named Jesus.

He predicts that He will be great and will be called Son of the Highest and His kingdom will have no end.

Mary establishes a dialogue with him, elucidating her doubts about how it all would happen. After all, she was a knowledgeable of the prophecies concerning the Messiah.

Of all four Evangelists, only Luke, the writer of the third Gospel, descends to details, not found in the others.

This is because, following the directions and desires of Paul of Tarsus, his Gospel was written from many interviews with those who he had lived with and had lived with Jesus.

Of course, Mary, His mother, was the first interviewee. It is precisely for this reason that, he only points out his song of gratitude and praise to the Lord of Life, the Magnificat:

My soul glorifies the Lord. My Spirit rejoices in God, my Savior, because He has looked upon His poor servant.

And understanding exactly the scope of the mission that was hers, and of the Being to whom she would offer a body, completes:

For this reason, from now on, all generations will proclaim to me as blessed.

What an extraordinary vision of this woman.

She was absolutely right. Since the apostolic times, after the death of her son, living with John, the Evangelist, in Ephesus, she would be sought by many.

They were people who wanted to cool the longing of the one who had gone away, listening to the reports of those who had been with Him for so many years, had cherished, nourished and sustained Him.

Others just wanted to kiss her hands, calling her Blessed Mother.

Of all the great women, surely, none was and is as exulted in her role of mother, as Mary of Nazareth.

The songs multiply in the world calling her Blessed, Holy Mother.

How many praises stand before this woman, who has grown weaker in the greatness of her mission.

How many thousands of voices have already united to praise her as the blessed one among all women, year after year, in celebrations in the great theaters, in temples or in outdoor spectacles!

They are tenors, sopranos, corals, children’s voices, juveniles.

How many poets dedicated verses to her, weaving her poems! How many painters portrayed her, devising the grotto in which she sought shelter, in Bethlehem; her trip to Egypt; the celestial joys of having the Child in her arms, watching Him grow in the warmth of the home.

Her own pain, when receiving the dead Child, removed from the cross, was immortalized in pictures, paints. And in the marble, in the most perfect ideation of Michelangelo.

The centuries are added, but the Mother of Jesus, who became the mother of all Humanity, continues to be exalted.

The Blessed One. The most extraordinary of the mothers. Mother of all mothers.

Our mother, Mary of Nazareth.

 Spiritist Moment Team, with transcriptions from
the Gospel of Luke,chapter 1, verses 46 to 48.
May 2.2018.

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