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Curitiba, 19 de Fevereiro de 2019
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ícone Heavenly gift

God has made the man in society and, among all the other forms of life was given a special faculty, a word.

Only man has it, on this extraordinary planet.

Why do we use it so badly, sowing misfortune, when we could only create joy and happiness?

Why do we often use it to slander, to lie, to spread the seeds of mistrust and wickedness?

The word is the most sublime expression of nature. It reveals the power of the Creator and reflects all the greatness of His Divine work.

Fast as electricity, bright as light, colored as the solar prism, it is the messenger of the idea.

It flutters its golden wings, murmurs sweetly in our ears, plays light and mischievous in the imagination, cradles us in pleasant dreams or in the gentle memories of the past.

The feeling makes it the golden key that opens the heart to the soft emotions of pleasure, like the ray of the sun, which unties the bud of a rose full of freshness and perfume.

Often it is the loose note of a hymn that resonates sweetly, vibrates in the air and is lost beyond, in the space, or softly strokes the ear like the echo of a distant song.

Simple and delicate flower of feeling, a throbbing note of the heart, it can rise to the top of human greatness and impose laws to the world above the throne, which has the heart as the steps and the intelligence as the dome.

Every man, orator, writer or poet, every man that uses a word, not as a means of communication to his ideas, but as an instrument of work; everyone who speaks or writes, not for a need of life, but to fulfill a high social mission; everyone who makes of the language a beautiful and noble profession, must know, deep down, the strength and resources of this element.

The word has an art and a science. As science it expresses thought with all its fidelity and simplicity.

As art, it covers the idea of all reliefs, all graces and all the ways necessary to snatch the Spirit.

The master, the magistrate, the historian, in the exercise of the honorable profession of intelligence, justice, religion and humanity, must make the word a science.

The poet and the orator must be artists and study in the human vocabulary all their most intimate secrets, as the musician who studies the slightest vibrations of the strings of his instrument; as the painter who studies all the effects of light in the light and dark.

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What do we do of this talent that the Creator has bestowed us? Are we the ones who use it to exalt beauty, to promote peace, to sow good?

How do we use this powerful weapon? Do we attract people to beauty, the good and the beautiful, or do we seduce them into whatever is of our exclusive pleasure and service?

Like all the talents we are endowed with, we will have to give accounts to Divinity of how we have used this giant leverage, which can thrill through poetry, illustrate by teaching, build communities, break the shackles of ignorance.

Let us think about it and speak for all that is great, inspiring, promoter of wonders in this immense world of God, in which we move, live and desire to be happy.

 Spiritist Moment Team, based on the text A palavra, by
Jose de Alencar and with quote from item 766,
O livro dos Espiritos, by Allan Kardec,
 publisher FEB .
April 20.2018.

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